Dougis Ask and answer questions about books! So when she saw him again she pointed to the sky because trabessia she knew that if it was really Ky, he would understand. To ask other readers questions about Travessiaplease sign up. Divergent is a lot about action and the plot moves pretty fast. Load 5 more questions. I think that the stories are equally well-written, but the style of storytelling is very different.

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The story explores the details of their journey through canyons, rivers, farms A completely different world from the one presented in the first book "Matched", which is organized, there are no mistakes, no diseases, everything is controlled by The Society that works as an hierarchy , but a major leader was never presented. It points out details about a simple life that even citizens of our society nowadays do not realize.

A whole world is out there. Is it good? Is it bad? At to what extent is it worth to have your life controlled with no freedom of thinking, but at the same time, to have no worries? The Society will always keep you safe, everything will be in order, you would know and be secure about your job, who you would marry, what you would eat and do. No worries. No freedom.

A fact that intrigues me and is also mentioned in the book is that back in the past, before the Society even exists, the people who came up with "this idea" asked the others if they wanted to live in a Society designed like it is described in the book.

Most of them agreed and accepted. Even though "Matched" is a fictional trilogy, I can see and apply its roots to our society and to the humans we are. The ones who did not want to live in the Society became farmers our villagers, and eventually they started to be attacked and classified by the Society as Aberrations and Anomalies. They chose to be free, but most of them chose to loose their liberty and be "taken care".

Citizen or Aberration. Again, the choice is yours.



Mazugore Eesha There r 54 chapters in this book. Which of the three books in the series did you like better? Has anyone found allusion in this novel? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This question is hard to answer because it really depends on what you want out of a book. I think travessia ally condie people who like sci-fi, dystopian future related travessia ally condie should read this. Is this book as good as Divergent?


Livro: Travessia (pdf)

Start your review of Travessia Destino, 2 Write a review Recommends it for: Strong fans of Matched Recommended to Steph by: Myself Shelves: reads , could-have-been-better , disappointment , ebook , dystopian , alternating-povs , glad-it-s-over , triangle-of-love , poor-world-building , young-adult Psst Oh, man. Did I fall asleep again? If only Crossed had just a little bit more action and a lot less poetry, it would have been able to keep my attention focused on reading the book instead of hitting my REM cycle.


Resenha | Trilogia: Destino / Travessia / Conquista, de Ally Condie


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