Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Used — Good Marzenie celta available: But, in truth, I have more than enough material to show what is taking place here. Check out the maps, souvenirs, and other ephemera on Biblio! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. If I keep brushing elbows with what goes on here I too will find myself laying the lash, chopping off hands, and murdering Congo natives marzenie celta lunch marzenie celta dinner without mareznie the slightest pangs of conscience or loss of appetite; for this is what happens to Europeans in this God-forsaken country.

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Shelves: fictional-biography , translated-from-spanish , i-don-t-get-it Roger Casement by Sarah Purser, oil on canvas Hmm. Fictionalised biography. Is it a good idea? Can it be successful? How best should it be done? The Dream of the Celt caused me to ask myself such questions and more. The way I understand the genre of fictionalised biography, the author gets to create memories for his subject, to reveal intimate details about his life, to attribute motives to his actions, to put words in his mouth.

It is no accident that most fictionalised biographies are written Roger Casement by Sarah Purser, oil on canvas Hmm. It is no accident that most fictionalised biographies are written after the death of their main characters. But, you say, some historical characters have such extraordinary life stories that to tell them as straightforward biography is missing a great opportunity to create an astounding tale of intrigue and suspense.

Furthermore, you might point out, in the hands of an author with a major literary reputation, such a fictionalised biography must be a valuable addition to the world of letters. What could go wrong here, I thought. Casement, born in Ireland, became a British diplomat and eventual human rights activist when such a role was almost unknown. He campaigned for the freedom from virtual enslavement of the natives of both the Congo and the Peruvian jungles, raising awareness of the exploitation carried out by the rubber industry in both places during the last decade of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th.

He was tried as a traitor to the British crown in , his controversial life and fate being further compromised by the opportune leaking of diaries describing his real or imagined homosexual trysts with very young men in brief but unambiguous detail hide spoiler ].

A literary figure like Vargas Llosa must surely work magic given such ingredients.






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