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Yozshusida Artcut You can set the number of horizontal and vertical copies as well as the space between each copy. Use this command to get inner line or outline of selected the object. Use this command to get the central line of a selecting graph contour. Files of essential program necessary. If changing to graph contour, you can not use font size to modify their size.

The value in which is random. After choosing the Text Input, you could move the mouse and select anywhere in the working area to input text. Force the objects in slave selected status to the same size with the master selected object.

Only the objects inside of this frame would be selected after you release the mouse. Otherwise, the operation will be failed. If Manual is selected, you can press and hold left button of mouse to drag mouse to rotate the selected object.

The cursor will be different according to the being imported graphics, such as etc. Take method of split with line for example: You could scan image base on this dialog box. Click the button to select the name of cutter plotter from the list to match your cutter plotter. Normally, the input texts or graphs are shown as contour text. Select the wanted text group or graphics.

The change of a graphics follows its nodes editing. Press and hold the left key of mouse, drag mouse to set origin in any position on the working layout. Use this command to draw a rectangle in working area. It is convenient to design your work. If the image has mxnual quality, you could select No in front of Smooth, otherwise select Yes. In The Software, there are two kinds of compensation: The effect on vision is that the arrangement.

Artcut User Manual — orthogratis Choose the wanted text. In table selected status, move cursor to any of the 8 red dots on the border, press and hold the left button, drag mouse to resize the table, the size of table will be changed. Refer to the Save As command for more information. You can select the different page on low right of the xrtcut. Click Arc Text from Text Menu, the dialog box is shown as: The relative position means move the object to destination position from the current position.

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Akinolar In The Software, there are two kinds of compensation: When selecting a command from Table menu, click on Table, then drag the cursor down to the desired command. Click wanted object into editing nodes status and press left key to drag box mnual choose the wanted nodes. Press and hold the left button of mouse, move the mouse to draw an arc. Otherwise, the operation will be failed.


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