Into this depressed mess stumbles Steve, the near-sighted, confused and horny "lust lizard" of the title. The sea monster also gives off a sort of pheromone which heightens the sexual urge in most of the Pine Cove population. The resident Crazy Woman, former B-movie queen Molly Michon may be one of the most sane people living in Pine Cove, and even she has her mental problems. Theophilus Crowe, whose problem is his marijuana addiction, not his name, demonstrates the ability to grow beyond the simple stereotypes Moore initially paints him with.

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Set in the sleepy little town of Pine Cove previously featured in the novel Practical Demonkeeping and later in The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror , it tells the story of drug dealers, dolphin-philiacs, psychologically unstable psychiatrists, retired B-movie stars, and the prehistoric sea monster who loves them. Examples: Advertisement: Anything That Moves : Steve; he even tries having sex with a fuel truck at one point.

Bestiality Is Depraved : Winston Krauss, owner of the town pharmacy, has a thing for marine mammals. Butt-Monkey : Theo. Captain Ersatz : H. Lovecraft or an Affectionate Parody of him. He even names all the dishes at the cafe after monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos.

The Narrator is also a fountain of snark. Dirty Old Woman : Mavis, full stop. G-Rated Drug : H. All it did was make him fall asleep at the bar a lot.

Hearing Voices : Molly has one she calls the Narrator, who she argues with throughout the book. Val cuts everyone off their meds. Theo eventually just turns it into his base of operations, since half the fights in town start there anyway.

Man Bites Man : Molly is first introduced when Theo has to go arrest her for biting a guy in the town watering hole. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Only in It for the Money : For a long time, Val is mostly in her line of work for the paycheck.

Unfortunately, what she decides to do next does not end well. Nice going, Val. White-Dwarf Starlet : Molly, sort of.


The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Quotes

Its residents are some of the quirkiest and most idiosyncratic people you will ever meet, and seldom does a moment go by without something majorly surrealistic taking place. To give this just a tad bit of sense, a few things have been happening simultaneously around town. To begin with, the doctor has about a third of the population on antidepressants, but after an obsessive-compulsive patient commits suicide, the good doc Valerie Riordan finds herself at fault. After blackmailing the fish fetishist and pharmacist, she ensures that all of her patients are now receiving placebos instead of the real medication they need. At the same time, a radiation leak from a nuclear power plant is seeping deep into the water and awakening something fierce, a foot sea lizard named Steve. All in all, everything is about as far from order as can, and as the town descends deeper and deeper into a decadent and nonsensical revolution, any hope for redemption is becoming increasingly ridiculous. A Trove of Black Humor and Absurdity Those of you already familiar with the works of Christopher Moore should already know what the main course here will be: black humor.


“Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove” by Christopher Moore – A Revolution of Lizards and Placebos

In life, I take two things seriously: The health and security of my family. Everything else is fair game. If you can riff on religion, politics, sex and the overall human condition, in a thought-provoking, sarcastic manner, you will find a friend in me. For this reason, I would love to just sit down and have a conversation with Moore. And those are just the good guys. Somehow, Moore makes each of these people flesh and blood real.

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