Background[ edit ] Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team from to The grand jury hears cases in full but does not have the authority to indict. State attorney general Linda L. Kelly prepared a presentment which included credibility determinations about the testimonies received before the first grand jury for the second grand jury.

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Background[ edit ] Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team from to The grand jury hears cases in full but does not have the authority to indict. State attorney general Linda L. Kelly prepared a presentment which included credibility determinations about the testimonies received before the first grand jury for the second grand jury. This second grand jury heard testimony from Victim 3, [29] Victim 5, and Victim 6.

Kelly said that during the investigation there was an "uncooperative atmosphere" from some Penn State officials. Jonathan Dranov, his boss and family friend, seeking his advice. McQueary testified he gave a rough report of what he had seen but that, out of respect, he did not share more graphic details. On Sunday morning, Paterno called then-athletic director Tim Curley regarding the incident.

In his grand jury testimony, Paterno said that he was only told about Sandusky "fondling or doing something of a sexual nature" to the victim. Spanier told them to meet with the graduate assistant, which he was not told to be McQueary. Nine or ten days later the exact date is unknown , McQueary received a phone call from Curley regarding the incident and set up a meeting with Curley and Schultz in the Bryce Jordan Center , either that same afternoon or the next day, to go over the details of what had happened in the shower room.

Curley denied that McQueary reported anything of a sexual nature whatsoever and described the conduct as merely "horsing around". Spanier likewise testified that he was only apprised of an incident involving Sandusky and a younger child "horsing around in the shower". Raykovitz was also a highly trained professional on handling such allegations.

He reported the incident to two board members of The Second Mile, Bruce Heim and Bob Poole, and told Sandusky to wear shorts in the shower in the future. Shreffler testified before the grand jury that the director of the campus police then told him to drop the case, and that detectives had eavesdropped on conversations during which the mother confronted Sandusky about the incident.

Sandusky admitted to showering with other boys and refused to discontinue the practice. Gricar was not available to testify, as he had disappeared in Two recounted oral sex with Sandusky, sometimes culminating in his ejaculation. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. April Illustration of victims, people with alleged knowledge of alleged crimes, and official responses as of November 11, Indictments[ edit ] On November 4, , state attorney general Linda L.

Kelly indicted Sandusky on forty counts of sex crimes against young boys following a three-year investigation. Sandusky was arrested on November 5 and charged with seven counts of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, as well as eight counts of corruption of minors, eight counts of endangering the welfare of a child , seven counts of indecent assault , and other offenses.

The indictment accused Curley and Schultz of not only failing to tell the police, but falsely telling the grand jury that McQueary never informed them of sexual activity. Attorney Peter J. Smith was conducting a federal criminal investigation into Penn State — separate from the Clery Act investigation — in which he subpoenaed the school for information about Spanier, Sandusky, Curley, Schultz and The Second Mile.

The accuser said Sandusky was attempting to negotiate oral sex with him in a bathroom while Dottie was in the apartment, and that she came to the "edge" of the bathroom for a few words with Sandusky including, "What are you doing in there? She went on to characterize the boy as "very demanding.

And he was very conniving. Sandusky continued to maintain his innocence even after being convicted. He would not only have to report his address to police every three months for the rest of his life, but would also have to participate in a court-approved counseling program.

However, this designation would likely be symbolic since Sandusky will almost certainly die in prison. Spanier faced eight charges, three of which were felonies. McQueary estimated that the boy was roughly a foot shorter than Sandusky. He further stated that he "did not see insertion nor was there any verbiage or protest, screaming or yelling" and denied ever using the words "anal" or " rape " to describe the incident to anybody. On March 24, , Spanier was found guilty of one charge of child endangerment and not guilty of the second charge of child endangerment or conspiracy.

Why Mr. Sandusky was allowed to continue to use the Penn State facilities is beyond me," Boccabella said. In the case of the incident, McQueary reported the incident to his immediate supervisor, Paterno. In turn, Paterno reported the incident to his immediate supervisor, Curley, and also reported it to Schultz, to whom the University Police Department directly reported. For these reasons, Paterno and McQueary were not implicated in any criminal wrongdoing, since they did what they were legally required to do.

I love to be around them. The letter was reportedly sent out in error. Penn State responded in various ways. Joe Paterno was heavily criticized for his reaction to the allegations and was subsequently forced to resign in the middle of the season.

Paterno later reported that Spanier canceled the press conference without providing him with an explanation. Based on interviews with two individuals briefed on conversations among top university officials, the Times reported: "The Board of Trustees has yet to determine the precise timing of Mr. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more. The Board accepted it and named provost Rodney Erickson as interim president. The inaugural game was scheduled for December , and the trophy was originally named the Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy after both Paterno and Amos Alonzo Stagg , a college football pioneer.

Paterno Award , presented to the college football coach who did the most to develop his players both on and off the field, would be discontinued. According to the trustee, the Board considered letting Paterno finish the season with Bradley as team spokesman, but ultimately decided that would still keep the focus on Paterno. The Board also did not like that Paterno released statements on his own rather than through the school, with some board members feeling he may have breached his contract.

It also said that Paterno demonstrated a "failure of leadership" by not going to the police. The Board said it had every intention of sending someone to personally inform Paterno of the decision, but was unable to do so because of a large number of people surrounding his house.

Rather than risk having Paterno learn about the decision via the media, the Board decided to order him to leave immediately via telephone. It was based upon the distraction of having him on the sidelines would have caused the university and the current football team harm. The report stated that Paterno was asked in January by the grand jury about inappropriate sexual conduct with young boys, other than the incident. He replied, "I do not know of it.

Attorney General and former governor of Pennsylvania, maintaining that the report was "seriously flawed, both with respect to the process of [its] investigation and its findings related to Mr. Later in a footnote, Bangs states, "The terrifically significant disparity between the finding in the Freeh report and the actual truth is disturbing.

While the Freeh report found that Penn State had made 71 separate payments to [Sandusky] between —, they were off by almost 85 percent, as the correct number was six separate payments". Bangs goes on to say that the error "calls into question the accuracy and veracity of the entire report". A reasonable person will conclude that there is some doubt here and that the other side of the story deserves to be heard.

Local police criticized the short notice from Penn State administration and the insufficient time to mobilize officers from other areas as factors exacerbating the situation. The letter also demanded answers to four specific questions about how Penn State had complied with NCAA policies during that time.

He also hinted that he had not ruled out issuing the so-called " death penalty ", which would have forced Penn State to cancel at least the season. In announcing the sanctions, Emmert said that, although the behavior could be called more egregious than any other seen in NCAA history, and thus a multi-year suspension was appropriate, they concluded that "the sanctions needed to reflect our goals of driving cultural change as much as apply punitive actions.

Suspension of the football program would bring with it significant unintended harm to many who had nothing to do with this case. The sanctions we have crafted are more focused and impactful than that blanket penalty. Moreover, the actions already taken by the new chair of the board, Karen Peets, and the new president, Rodney Erickson, have demonstrated a strong desire and determination on the part of Penn State to take the steps necessary for the university to right these severe wrongs and were appreciated by all of us.

A four-year postseason ban. Vacating of all wins from to — wins in all. This had the effect of stripping the Nittany Lions of their shared Big Ten titles in and Loss of a total of forty initial scholarships from to Penn State was required to adopt all recommendations for reform delineated in the Freeh report. Penn State entered into an "athletics integrity agreement" with the NCAA and Big Ten, appoint a university-wide athletic compliance officer and compliance council, and accepted an NCAA-appointed athletic integrity monitor for the duration of its probation.

The sanctions took the form of a sweeping consent decree in which Penn State accepted the findings of fact by the NCAA and waived any right to appeal the sanctions. A full release was granted to all players in the program, allowing them to transfer to another school without losing eligibility.


Penn State child sex abuse scandal

The case, prosecuted in the mids, involved a drug trafficking operation in the United States by Sicilian organized crime members who used pizza parlors as fronts. After a month trial, 17 of 19 defendants were convicted, of which 16 were sentenced. Freeh was appointed Special Prosecutor in the case alongside Howard Shapiro. Vance was assassinated on December 16, at his home in Mountain Brook , Alabama, when he opened a package containing a mail bomb sent by serial bomber Walter Moody. Vance was killed instantly and his wife Helen, was seriously injured and hospitalized. The Department of Justice charged Moody with the murders of Judge Vance and of Robinson, a black civil-rights attorney who had been killed in a separate explosion at his office.


Louis Freeh


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