Dry, clean rags Breaking down an L Remove the cartridge magazine. Using both hands, point the muzzle of the pistol in a safe direction and work the slide fully back and forth several times. Visually inspect the chamber to ensure there is not a cartridge inside, a step that can be done while pointing the business end of the barrel away from you. Place the butt of the pistol handle on the carpeted pad and wipe the firearm with a clean, dry rag. This will remove any grease or oil that might make the parts slippery. Make sure your hands are dry and clean also.

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We provide reasonable care in the manufacture of this pistol, but assume no responsibility for its care, handling and use.

Never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot the pistol. By sliding the Safety down as far as possible to the word "FIRE", the pistol is in "firing" position. Do not carry with bullet in chamber. When fully inserted, the Magazine Catch will lock into the side of the Magazine and hold it in its proper position. Take the pistol in one hand with a firm grip, making sure your fingers are not touching the trigger.

Point Your Pistol in a Safe Direction and with your Other hand firmly grasp the serrated portion of the Slide and pull it as far rearward as it will go. Release the Slide allowing it to go forward of its own accord. This procedure places the first cartridge into the chamber and the gun is ready for firing. Subsequent feeding and ejection operations are performed automatically until the pistol is empty.

NOTE: Pistol should not cock, or feed a cartridge into chamber with the safety on "safe".. Magazine capacity - 7 rounds. We recommend standard type cartridges. To unload unfired cartridges push the Magazine Catch in until the Magazine can be pulled from the pistol. After the Magazine is removed, place safety into "FIRE" position, pull the Slide to the rear to remove the cartridge from the Barrel chamber.

As a safety precaution, always check the Barrel chamber visually by holding the Slide back and looking into the Slide Chamber and Magazine cavities. While holding the take down button depressed, gently lift the Slide away from the Frame until itstops. Release the take down button gently as it is springloaded. Hold the rear of the Slide up and push the Slide forward, off of the end of the gun. Clean the Barrel within a reasonable period of time after shooting.

After the powder residue has been removed, give the Barrel bore a light protective coat of oil. Place the Slide Assembly over the Barrel and pull rearward until it can be dropped down onto the Frame. Depress the take down button into the Slide far enough to allow it to drop into its slot. Release the take down button after Slide is pushed down onto the Frame. You should not be able to lift the rear of the Slide away from the Frame if properly assembled.

Afterthe assembly is completed, but before loading, manually operate the pistol to see that everything functions properly.


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