Plug power cable into USB connector. Sluk for computeren. PC notebooks til datamaskinen. Page 4 English Place Base Station away from electrical devices. Turn ON computer. Aseta hiiri perusasemaan Station to charge.

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A product as well designed both aesthetically and mechanically as the MX makes you want to like the product despite its shortcomings. Cursor movement is smooth both in 3D gaming and 2D applications. The RF range is great and the inclusion of 8 programmable buttons is an added bonus.

Once the software updates fix the skipping scroll wheel, the MX should be nearly perfect. Introduction Cordless mice have typically been used by a selective audience in the past.

For those wanting a cordless solution helping to maintain a clutter free desk, a cordless mouse was the only solution. But for those who wanted to game with a cordless mouse, had to look elsewhere. Features Logitech is hoping that with the introduction of their new MX cordless mouse, gamers may look at their product as a viable solution. The resolution of this sensor has also been doubled from dpi to dpi which is great for those with large screen monitors.

On top of the larger optical sensor the Mx uses a 4. This is the number that gamers will want to look for because this equates to the number of images processed by the DSP digital signal processor each second thus giving a high frame rate.

But what is a high frame rate if the RF radio link is slow? Not surprisingly the Mx radio link operates at samples per second which is about the speed equivalence as standard 1. Setup and Installation Setup is simple and fast.

Plug the base station into either the USB port on your computer system or the PS2 port via an adapter. Just insert them into the mouse and set the mouse in the RF base for charging.

According to Logitech, 15 minutes of charging should last for a days worth of normal use while a full charge lasts up to 10 days of normal use.

We recommend charging the MX for a full 6 hours before using it to get a full and long lasting charge. The software which came with our MX was version 9. After browsing through the Logitech website, we found version 9. We are unsure as to whether this is an updated version or not, considering the version names are too similar. We found Mouseware to be a good program for setting up the MX especially since this particular mouse has 8 buttons which can all be programmed.

Gamers will want to skip the Mouseware installation for a couple of reasons we listed below. Testing and Performance The initial feeling of the MX is that this is a significantly heavier than the usual computer mouse; and it is. But despite its heavy weight and large size, coupled with a cloth mouse pad our MX glided smoothly and without interruption. The buttons are well laid out and intuitive. The two tiny button above and below the scroll key are nice additions, but not necessary for average use; they are designed for scrolling up and down long pages without the continued scrolling of the mouse wheel.

We had mixed results with our MX during game testing. While playing games the scroll wheel was not working at all while the scroll up and down buttons worked instead. This was only the case with Mousware installed. Most games worked great with the MX and we often forgot we were using a cordless mouse. Our recommendation for gamers would be to not install the Mouseware software since all features of the MX except the program toggle button work under Windows XP. For applications outside of gaming, the MX worked great with Mouseware installed.

The application toggle button is a great feature to have, especially when working on multiple projects. This was irritating to say the least. All of our test applications showed skipping while using the scroll wheel. Overall, there was no visible difference between our MX cordless mouse and other corded mice we used in our tests. Reponses and reaction times where nearly identical if not better with the MX Proving that the MX is the perfect mouse replacement for any PC environment.

Conclusion Overall we are happy with the MX


Logitech MX700 Manuals

Принтеры и периферия Беспроводная оптическая мышь Logitech MX Как я и обещал недавно, сегодня мы продолжим изучение мышей Logitech, принадлежащих к новой серии МХ. Вообще говоря, после статьи про МХ я планировал немного отойти от темы мышей и заняться клавиатурами и беспроводными наборами данного производителя, благо два набора и одна клавиатура были протестированы немного ранее, чем в руки попала МХ Сложновыгнутая форма корпуса очень удобна, если держать мышь в правой руке, однако вот левшам эти модели не подойдут совсем. Положение усугубляется еще и тем, что две дополнительные кнопки расположены на левом боку мыши, так что кроме как большим пальцем правой руки нажимать на них нечем. А еще мыши снабжены рекордно большим количеством кнопок: за исключением двух стандартных и нажимающегося колесика, на корпусе имеется аж пять дополнительных кнопок. Так и вспоминается анекдот про кнопочную мышь, которая позволит полностью забыть о клавиатуре : Еще о кнопках. Нельзя сказать, что такой подход совсем уж оригинален подобный, например, применяла Cherry в своей первой оптической мыши , но нестандартен точно.


Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse Software, Driver, Windows, Mac



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