October 14, krauserpua This page explains the products I have for sale relating to daygame and seduction. First, at the high level, there are THREE categories: Pick-up Textbooks — These explain how to do daygame, with many many examples of what you say and do at each stage of the seduction. Pick-up Videos — These too explain daygame in detail and you are buying a login to my teaching platform. Pick-up Memoirs — This series of books tells my story, taking you on the journey of how I learnt game. They are highly instructional. So it begins with the inner game, to get your mind straight and to battle approach anxiety.

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Daygame Mastery

Vibing: match her energy and draw her into a conversation Investment: when hse starts chasing you and putting in work Commit Her: she decides to have a date with you, either now or in the future Deep Rapport: you usually get into this stage once you sit down in a more private location not in the street Verbal Escalation: sexualize the conversation to make her horny The idea of the KDM is to start high energy and give a lot in the beginning. Then, little by little, you start to cool down, rein in your body gestures, and draw her in. He says that the primary way of getting an overlaod of initial attraction is by being fun. However, I felt like Krauser overdid the fun part. Furthermore, if you can get strong initial sexual chemistry, you can do without the fun part. Krauser says that the most help a wingman can give you is to keep you social and upbeat while you walk around.


Daygame Nitro by Nick Krauser: Review & Notes

Tojajind How hot are you? Krauser himself is pushing it at his age. Of course this is an advanced textbook dxygame even if you are just I see new threads about that every single week, all year round. Eaygame the less, I want to thank you for sharing this book. All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form. You just need to know the steps and the correct mindsets in order to be successful. That has a unifying effect on a movement.


DayGame Mastery - Pocket by Nick Krauser 9781999946272 |

This book Daygame Mastery is indeed excellent. This book makes that pretty clear. He mentioned that about half the time, his go-to opener is, "I hope you speak English. When, in Daygame Mastery, Nick Krauser said he was about to reveal his go-to opener that he uses at least half the time, I was thrilled. I had already read Daygame Nitro, and was extremely excited to read Daygame Mastery. And then the opener was, "I hope you speak English. Her response will likely be, "Yes, of course I speak English.

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