Tezragore Stainless steel System The individual inputs are assigned and configured either by means of the Atdx ProcessDesigner software or by the touch panel. Please insert correct code. AC 70 to V Contact loadability direct switching: Mounting plates and brackets in stainless steel After the preparation of the heating tape, insulation tubes are shrunk over the conductors and the twisted protective braiding and wire end sleeves are placed. The heating circuit end is also closed with shrinkable tubes.

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Misar This output regulation is carried out automatically at every point of the heating tape depending on the prevailing ambient temperature. For applications involving higher holding temperatures, please contact us. The heating tape is cut directly on the construction site according the local kemz. The benefit to the customer is obvious. Port status, error, MC32 error TS The parameters for the modules can be set by means of software or a touch panel.

The explosion-proof version can be mounted in Exenclosures according to EN Thereby, the risk of damage to the heating tape can be avoided. When using the device with the factory setting, a simple setup with just a few buttons is used to start operation for the first time.

Lema where Ex Certified equipment is required will in general be subject to approval case by case based on documentation as required in the DNV GL Rules. If the sensor temperature exceeds the pre-set level, the contact is actuated.

The RS interface allows easy integration into the process control technology. Each type of alarm xtex signalled as a group alarm via a relay. Independent complete modules are available for each heating circuit to allow its operation as a proportional controller.

The set serves to join two cold leads or to form two heating tape connections. It can be used in atdx and commercial areas. Places of use include switch and control cabinets, transmitter protective boxes, measuring equipment, analytical cabinets for sample preparation etc. For the different temperature areas you can choose between several versions in three-wire-connection. Attention is drawn to the applicable standards and regulations on safety components and systems together with the relevant operating and installation instructions.

A verification of thermal safety and a further approval by any third party authority is not necessary. Cable gland IP 67 for power supply cables Supply voltage max. The special design of the aluminum profile facilitates an even temperature distribution in the interior of housings and cabinets.

Self-limiting, irradiated polymer ateex element 3. The set point kem is determined by the MC32 controller. Anti-condensation motor heater MSH, The DTB temperature limiter is designed with resetting lockout; resetting restarting is only possible on the device.

If desired, the autotuning function will automatically determine the optimum PID adjusting parameters for the control path. Silicone heater plate for control cabinets SSM, All parts of the system are grounded providing additional electrical safety. If the ambient temperature rises, the power output ztex the tape is reduced. Installation time and expense are substantially reduced with this innovative method.

Its application ensures complete operational safety as the plates prevent malfunctions often due to leakage currents on electrical installations or the corrosion of metal components. All details about electrical explosion protection mentioned in this certificate are for information only.

In the factory setting it works as a PID Control device with a logic output and a relay output. The main elements of the survey are: The internal, galvanically isolated bus connection is established by simply joining the modules. Junction boxes for Pt M, They offer safe protection even when they are used under extremely unfavorable conditions, on exposure to aggressive chemical media or hard mechanical conditions. The temperature alarms can also be disabled. Resistance thermometer Pt M, KTE-m Cable thermostat The application assures the greatest possible reliability because of the conformance to the required minimum temperatures.

Any significant change in design or construction may render this Certificate invalid. Number of flanges No. This makes it easy to adapt the output to the heat losses. The digital controller monitors measuring circuits for sensor failures, interruption or short circuit and under-range and over-range measurements in order to ensure process reliability. The energy controller is energised via V mains supply voltage. Number of channels 8DI 8 inputs 16DI 16 inputs each for connecting non-floating auxiliary contacts for rccbs, contactors, limiters, buttons etc.

EKL light 00R8 0. The enclosure is prepared with threads for heating cable glands with size M Y into the junction box the 2 supply leads are insulated with silicone glue and a silicone hose. The heating tape is cut and terminated directly on the construction site according to the circumstances.

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Heat transfer is improved dramatically since the windings during the impregnation process. Technical data Heating Technology Port status, error, MC32 error TS The electrical connection is established with terminal screws operating on the screw cage clamp principle. The set serves to join two cold leads or to form two heating tape connections. System calibration is not necessary. Typical applications are switchgear and controlgear cabinets, instrument housings, analyser cases, glove boxes and other enclosures. If the tape will be damaged, it is not necessary to replace the whole tape. Fixing straps Connection cables Adhesive tapes For example the setpoint, analog output limits, heating currents, low alarm, and if desired, the kemq alarm must be set.



Structure The heater plate consists of a thin, anodised aluminium baseplate, vulcanised with silicone-impregnated glass-fibre mats with an embedded heating coil. Heating Technology Fields of application Computer centres, telephone exchanges, libraries, museums, archives, book stores, clean air rooms, air-conditioning and heating centres, etc. We also supply different versions to suit various temperature requirements. This characteristic is used for this type of resistance thermometers to get an image of the temperature. Junction box Ex, If there is a rupture or break in the sensor tube leakagethen the switch remains permanently open fail-safe. The copper braiding and the metal cable gland with an extra lead are prepared to be connected to protective earth.

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