His father, the manager of a church estate, died when he was two years old, and Friedrich and his sister, Heinrike, were brought up by their mother. In , Johann Gok died at the age of In preparation for entrance exams into a monastery, he received additional instruction in Greek , Hebrew , Latin and rhetoric , starting in At Denkendorf, he discovered the poetry of Friedrich Schiller and Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock , and took tentative steps in composing his own verses. He then lived in Homburg from to , meeting Susette in secret once a month and attempting to establish himself as a poet, but his life was plagued by financial worries and he had to accept a small allowance from his mother.

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Another day. I follow another path, Enter the leafing woodland, visit the spring Or the rocks where the roses bloom Or search from a look-out, but nowhere Love are you to be seen in the light of day And down the wind go the words of our once so Beneficent conversation Your beloved face has gone beyond my sight, The music of your life is dying away Beyond my hearing and all the songs That worked a miracle of peace once on My heart, where are they now? It was long ago, So long and the youth I was has aged nor is Even the earth that smiled at me then The same.

Live with that word always. For the soul goes from me to return to you Day after day and my eyes shed tears that they Cannot look over to where you are And see you clearly ever again. Once there were gods, on earth, with people, the heavenly muses And Apollo, the youth, healing, inspiring, like you. Let us live, oh you who are with me in sorrow, with me in faith And heart and loyalty struggling for better times!

For such we are! And if ever in the coming years they knew Of us two when the spirit matters again They would say: lovers in those days, alone, they created Their secret world that only the gods knew. Suevia, my mother, happy land! You also are like your more shining sister Lombardy over there Flowed through by a hundred streams And trees in plenty, white with blossom or reddish And the darker, deep, full green, the wild trees And the Alps of Switzerland overshadow you too, Neighbourly; for near the hearth of the house Is where you live and you can hear Inside from silvery vessels The spring rushing that issues From pure hands when touched By warm rays Crystal ice and tipped over By the lightly quickening light The snowy summit drenches the earth With purest water.

For that reason You are born loyal. Hard Living near the source to quit the place. And your children, the towns On the long lake in the haze On the willowy Neckar and on the Rhine All think Nowhere would be better to live.


Poemas Friedrich Holderlin



Friedrich Holderlin



Um poema de Hölderlin


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