II However, mediation takes place by degrees. Some experiences taste, smell, sexual pleasure are less mediated than others reading a book, looking through a telescope, listening to a record. Some media, especially "live" arts such as dance, theater, musical or bardic performances, are less mediated than others, such as TV, CDs, Virtual Reality. Even among the media called "media", some are more, and other are less mediated, according to the intensity of imaginative participation they demand. III For art, the intervention of Capital always signals a further degree of mediation.

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Immediatism i. All experience is mediated—by the mechanisms of sense perception, mentation, language, etc. However, mediation takes place by degrees. Some experiences smell, taste, sexual pleasure, etc. For art, the intervention of Capital always signals a further degree of mediation.

By now, however, amidst the ruins of Post-Modernism, it has finally begun to stink. Ironic frivolity finally becomes disgusting. The Purge Society is the same as the Binge Society.

Irony may have become boring, but self-mutilation was never more than an abyss. Down with frivolity—Down with sobriety.

Which way to the Egress? Art will go on, in somewhat the same sense that breathing, eating, or fucking will go on. And we sometimes worry even about the extent to which our very involvement in such arts as writing, painting, or music implicates us in a nasty abstraction, a removal from immediate experience. We miss the directness of play our original kick in doing art in the first place ; we miss smell, taste, touch, the feel of bodies in motion.

Computers, video, radio, printing presses, synthesizers, fax machines, tape recorders, photocopiers—these things make good toys, but terrible addictions. We want to control our media, not be Controlled by them. And we should like to remember a certain psychic martial art which stresses the realization that the body itself is the least mediated of all media.

We feel free to do so because we intend to practice Immediatism in secret, in order to avoid any contamination of mediation. Immediatism is not a movement in the sense of an aesthetic program. It depends on situation, not style or content, message or School. All spectators must also be performers. The best games will make little or no use of obvious forms of mediation such as photography, recording, printing, etc.

An obvious matrix for Immediatism is the party. Thus a good meal could be an Immediatist art project, especially if everyone present cooked as well as ate. At linked-verse parties a faulty couplet would entail the penalty of a glass of wine. Moreover, Immediatism is not condemned to powerlessness in the world, simply because it avoids the publicity of the marketplace.



Life[ edit ] While undertaking a classics major at Columbia University, Wilson met Warren Tartaglia , then introducing Islam to students as the leader of a group called the Noble Moors. Attracted by the philosophy, Wilson was initiated into the group, but later joined a group of breakaway members who founded the Moorish Orthodox Church. Appalled by the social and political climate, Wilson had also decided to leave America, and shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King , Jr. In the words of Michael Muhammad Knight , "The emerging postcolonial world was crowded with American hippies blowing their trust funds on mystical quests He spent a month in a Kathmandu missionary hospital being treated for hepatitis , and practised meditation techniques in a cave above the east bank of the Ganges. He also allegedly ingested significant quantities of cannabis.


Immediatism by Hakim Bey



Peter Lamborn Wilson


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