Use of other extraction solvents is prohibited. Methods can be purchased at www. Thank you to those who visited the atg UV Technology stand, the team thoroughly enjoyed talking through a wide range of water treatment challenges. Hach publishes updated water analysis handbook Similarly, modified flow cell configurations and flow conditions may be used in the method, provided that the QC acceptance criteria are met.

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The couple experienced their first business success through the development of a simplified titration method for measuring hardness in drinking water.

The company was originally a partnership. In , it was reincorporated in Delaware as Hach Chemical Co. Most of the money was used to build and equip a new chemical manufacturing plant in Ames. It was also manufacturing a manometric apparatus that measured the biochemical oxygen demand BOD of sewage and industrial wastes in lakes, rivers, and streams.

These kits were employed in water and sewage treatment, water conditioning, cooling towers, wildlife conservation, and boiler water. They usually included specially formulated chemical reagents in the form of small powder packets.

Test results were achieved by visual comparison of samples against color standards after adding the prescribed reagents. The directions were designed for people without technical backgrounds to conduct tests. Hach also focused on converting complex analysis into simplified procedures that were reliable and verifiable.

In , Clifford Hach took the position of chairman and chief executive officer , and Kathryn Hach became president and chief operating officer the following year. In , Hach moved its instrument division and its corporate headquarters to Loveland , Colorado. Hach Chemical Co. Analytical instruments continue to be manufactured in Loveland , Colorado, where Hach also has its corporate headquarters, research, development, and engineering operations, Technical Training Center, and plastic component manufacturing operation.

The chemical manufacturing operations, a chemical research laboratory, and the company warehouse and shipping operations are still in Ames , Iowa.

ETS develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic test strips for both consumer and industrial applications. ETS operations continue to be based in Elkhart. In , Hach formed a separate research and development division, Hach Homeland Security Technologies. The next year, ISO compliant particle counters were added.


Hach water analysis handbook.



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