So how these great souls died is an indication of how they lived. I also appreciated the introduction chapter about Hindu, Buddhist, Zen and Sufi beliefs around death, reincarnation and enlightenment. What made this book more poignant for me was the afterword by the author that she was diagnosed by lung cancer while she was compiling this book, and how meditating on the death of these great souls, and on her own death, were practices that helped her through her own transition. The comparison inevitably colors my review. Both books share the premise that Westerners either deny death by pretending it does not exist until it intrudes directly in our lives, or we minimize it by thinking, "everything will work out.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. It contains a wide variety of stories, and includes an after-note by the author about 3 weeks before her own death from terminal cancer. When people are dying they have an interest in making of death a meritorious event. The lesson gracefil this book teaches is that we need to be mindful everyday of our own impending death and in that way we will not be anxious we the time comes.

The End By entering into a state of deep meditation at death, you have an awareness of what is happening and are free of fear. Lao Tzu Death is ecits an experience through which you are meant to learn a great lesson: Birth and death are expressions of life.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The legacy we leave behind is similar to the legacies told in the book, beautiful teachings, heartfelt connections and inspiration.

Graceful Exits Sushila Blackman began to compile these stories without really knowing why. Samadhi Samadhi originally referred to a deep meditative state which the duality of subject and object disappear.

So how these great souls died is an indication of how they lived. Buddha Time Before we know it our life is finished and it is time to die. Inspiring and direct pointing to the nature of reality.

Death is nothing but a gateway to birth. May gracefl, Truejabber rated it liked it. I have millions of bodies to live in. Mar 04, Robbie rated it it was amazing. Karma and Rebirth, Enlightenment, Final thoughts, leaving the body, spiritual practice after death are ideas, beliefs which the reader will likely be well familiar.

A trip to the hospital for chest pain revealed she suahila terminal lung cancer: One of the most inspiring books about a topic that is normally treated with the most unconsciousness. Refresh and try again. December 9, Whispersync for Voice: Nothing that lives ever dies, it only changes form.

Melissa rated it really liked it Oct 01, Taigen Sofu I raise the mirror of my life up to my face: My friends have read it also. I was born when it was time to be born and I will die when it is time to die. Heaven and earth may topple over and collapse around him, yet Master Wang Tai would remain without a stir.

Karma— can be understood as a package of energy containing both negative and positive charges— is transferrable from one life to the next.

Jul 14, Mridul Singhai rated it really liked it. One who dies lusting for life in this world or for salvation in the next is not enlightened. Some of the stories are short a few cover a page or two.

Life is short, the moment of death unknown exigs you, so apply yourselves to meditation. She, more than the others, conveyed a warmth and understanding that moved me. As Blackman writes at the end of the introduction: Jun 13, Ward Hammond rated it it was amazing Shelves: Suzuki Shosan was a samurai and became a Zen monk and often warned against the pursuit of honor and riches and said the susyila important thing is to look straight at death.

This is a collection of traditional stories about the deaths of advanced spiritual masters of the far east. Graceful Exits : Sushila Blackman : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Suzuki Shosan Suzuki Shosan was a samurai and became a Zen monk and often warned against the pursuit of honor and riches and said the most important thing is to look straight grceful death.

Their lives are full of selfless service, because they understand that we are all one. Now that you have the opportunity to practice the Dharma, do not waste a single moment on anything else, but with all your energy and effort practice the Dharma.

The author has done us a great service by sharing with us the experiences of many Spiritual Masters as they prepared for death. Email required Address never made public. Great Masters For a master, death is not death but liberation. Dates for the teachers are in the back Lists with This Book. It is not an instruction manual on how-to-die. Related Articles


Graceful Exits: How Great Beings Die: Death Stories of Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, and Zen Masters



Graceful Exits


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