Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft Baumann E. Beyer E. Phoridae Diptera, Cyclorrhapha from the Azores and Madeira. Boletim do Museu Municipal do Funchal Borgmeier T.

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Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft Baumann E. Beyer E. Phoridae Diptera, Cyclorrhapha from the Azores and Madeira. Boletim do Museu Municipal do Funchal Borgmeier T. Studia Entomologica, Petropolis Brenner S. Five new Megaselia species and the hitherto undescribed male of M. Buck M. Identification of females of European Conicera Meigen, with a discussion of certain features of the reproductive anatomy of female Phoridae Diptera.

Megaselia giraudii and M. Ceryngier P. The surprising larval habits of Megaselia minor Zetterstedt, Diptera: Phoridae. Studia dipterologica Disney R. Support for the revised interpretation of the wing veins of Phoridae Diptera. Journal of African Zoology Family Phoridae.

Volume 7 Dolichopodidae - Platypezidae , pp. Scuttle Flies: The Phoridae. In: Papp, L. Higher Brachycera; pp. Budapest, Science Herald. A troublesome sibling species complex of scuttle flies Diptera: Phoridae revisited. Journal of Natural History The Palaearctic species of the Megaselia sulphuripes species group Dipt.

The preservation of small Diptera. Supplement to the London Naturalist L a. A new species of maritime scuttle fly Dipt. L b. Zootaxa Revisionary notes on European Phoridae Diptera. A new species of Diplonevra Lioy Dipt. Tasmanian Phoridae Diptera and some additional Australasian species. Rescue of Megaselia piliventris Schmitz Dipt. A new species of Megaselia Rondani Dipt.

Revision of the Palaearctic members of the species complex resembling Megaselia brevior Schmitz Diptera: Phoridae. Fragmenta Faunistica Natural history of the scuttle fly, Megaselia scalaris. Annual Review of Entomology Diptera Phoridae Scuttle Flies. Identification handbook of the Greenland entomofauna. Scuttle flies Diptera: Phoridae of the Azores with the description of three new Megaselia species.

Disney, R. Vieraea Two exotic tramp species of scuttle fly Dipt. Scuttle flies Diptera: Phoridae from St. Glasgow Naturalist A new species of scuttle fly Diptera: Phoridae whose larvae are kleptoparasites of a bee Hymenoptera: Andrenidae.

Giornale Italiano di Entomologia Entomologica Fennica Jones A. Systematics and Biodiversity Mostovski M. Three new species of Palaearctic Phora Latreille Dipt. A new species of Megaselia Dipt. New species of Conicera Dipt. Naumov A. New species of the genus Megaselia Diptera, Phoridae.

Zoologicheskii Zhurnal, Moskva 7 12 : Nickolls P. Flies discovered at Casey station. Australian Antarctic Magazine 1: Islenskt skordyratal. Peterson В. In: McAlpine J. Peterson, G. Shewell, H.

Teskey, J. Wood eds , Manual of Nearctic Diptera,Volume 2. Association of the scuttle fly Megaselia leucozona Schmitz Diptera: Phoridae with sweat bees Hymenoptera: Halictidae , with a description of the male fly.

Prescher S. New records of scuttle flies Diptera: Phoridae from Iceland, with a survey of all simultaneously collected Dipteran families. Saigusa т. Homology of wing venation of Diptera. Natuurhistorisch Maandblad 96, , , Schmitz H. Natuurhistorisch Maandblad , , In: Lindner E ed. Smith K. Troisieme Partie. Zwart P. The Phorid "scuttle fly" Megaselia scalaris a threat to zoological collections and especially to amphibians?

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Mezit Fragmetna should explain the idea of the research and summarize the the results, not to exceed words and should not contain any references. Food stress causes differential survival of socially parasitic caterpillars of Maculinea rebeli integrated in colonies of host and non-host Myrmica ant species. Ocena liczebnosci populacji przyuzyciu metod odlowu, znakowania i ponownego odlowu — standardy i nowe rozwiazania Population size estimation with capture-mark-recapture methods — standards and new solutions. No permission is required from the authors or the publishers in this case.


Fragmenta Faunistica

Myrmekofilia w rodzinie modraszkowatych Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Myrmecophily in lycaenid butterflies Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae. Mainzer naturwissenschaftliches Archiv Extinction rates and butterflies — Response. First observation of one Maculinea arion pupa in Myrmica lobicornis nest in Poland. Species Ecology along a European Gradient: The book contains 14 introductory and main text pages, 52 tables, figures or graphs, and 2 indices. Parasitoid secretions provoke ant warfare — Subterfuge used by a rare wasp may be the key to an alternative type of pest control. An International Journal of Faunology.


Fragmenta faunistica.


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