Contents [ show ] Gameplay The game is made up of 21 levels, taking place in a variety of settings from the Warhammer 40, universe. There are wide variety of Tau and Imperial weapons available to the player. However, only two weapons can be carried at a time, one of which must be a Tau weapon. In addition to these, the player is armed with grenades and a sword, and can use weapons such as the Rail Rifle the most powerful gun in the game , Burst Cannon , Pulse Rifle , Pulse Carbine , and many other weapon types.

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Weve reached the point these days where its almost expected for a video game franchise to have at least one novelisation of its plot. Halo, Alpha Centauri and Gears of War, these are just three franchises which come to mind but its rare to see a novel outstripping the game it was adapting in almost every area. Its rarer still to find a novel which not only exceeds the game but is a genuinely great piece of science fiction literature. As the body count rises Kais begins to question the driving ideology of his people and realises just how unforgiving the universe truly is.

Yet with reinforcements from both sides arriving en mass, it becomes clear that someone is pulling stringsā€¦ Despite having only written a handful of books for Black Library Spurrier shows distinct skill when writing about the Warhammer universe.

His narrative style manages to near perfectly balance out the rapid pacing of the conflict with surprising depth and makes the Tau feel alien without it causing you a headache trying to read it. The book frequently switches between human and xenos viewpoints to contrast the cultures and flesh out events, often using them as a chance to comment upon one another.

He considers how this reflects upon human dominance in the galaxy and realises with each ship that is destroyed the Tau fleet is effectively committing a form of genocide. These are not used in the same way authors like Graham McNeill would, to give events greater scope, but are instead utilised to give the book more flavour. Perhaps the best example of this is Tikoloshe, an insane dreadnought Kais encounters while fleeing a stricken vessel. None of this is to say that the central characters are badly written or overlooked.

Effectively bringing about the presence of every faction he needs to carry out his plans and having them play their role exactly when he needs them to. As such what he lacks in terms of a well rounded personality he makes up for being Governor Von Doom. The Ultramarines Captain Ardias is given a similar personality upgrade and has far more believable motivations for his disappearance during the initial battle with the Tau and actions during the second half of the novel.

While some descriptions to focus upon the age of the environments, particularly the corroded labyrinths of imperial battleships, others visibly lack this quality. This is a visible problem with Chaos.

It is talked about as being a serious threat, a corrupting power in its own right. However, its servants never manage to express how they have been fighting the Imperium for ten thousand years in any believable fashion. They frequently act juvenile rather than simply insane, make too many obvious errors even for fanatics; and lack the descriptions of mutations and equipment which might have helped express their prolonged lives.

It just seems to lack that storytelling spark authors like Ben Counter have when writing about ancient Chaotic aspects of the Warhammer universe. At the end of the day if you can forgive one or two minor discrepancies in the canon and the book skimming over aspects of Chaos usually emphasised in other novels, Fire Warrior is a solid read. Well worth your money and a must buy for any devoted Tau fan.

The grim darkness of the far future demands that combatants be made of harder, darker stuff. Spurrior does an excellent job making Tau culture different than Imperium culture and I really enjoyed reading about Tau battlesuits. That part was amazing! Feb 10, Erin rated it it was amazing at first i had the game though i liked it i never really understood the bulk of it till i was introduced to the tau in the dawn of war games and the black library site.



Tojazshura Sean H rated it it was warriorr Jan 16, It is talked about as being a serious threat, a corrupting power in its own right. Yet with reinforcements from both sides arriving en mass, it becomes clear that someone is pulling stringsā€¦. It felt like some sort of dark goth techno video springing to life. Powered by WordPress Designed by: Something like a graphic novel without the pictures. Oct 18, HuggablySoft rated it liked it.


Fire Warrior


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