In Paris, they meet up with their classmates Jenny and Jamie, fraternal twins who are touring Europe together. There is no bathroom. I spent the last four years tutoring a lacrosse player just to pay for it. Warrior Princessand Vinnie Jones Snatch. Nor is there one nearby.

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Eurotrip Script - Dialogue Transcript Voila! Finally, the Eurotrip script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristin Kruek, Scott Mechlowicz, Matt Damon, yadda yadda. There she is. And congratulations to you, Cooper. Thanks, baby! Next year you graduate, join me at college. Just like we planned. About what? About me dumping you. There he is! The graduate and his beautiful girlfriend.

Smile, you two! Uncle Moke What are you talking about? Sweetie, I never cheated on you. I know. There I go, lying again. No, it was you. Oh, wow. Oh, my God. Bert, play it again. Come on. See you. All right. Stay black, Bert. Hey, I got one from Mieke. I thought that was for German class. Listen to yourself, all right? You met a "cool guy" on the "internet. Screw it. Auf wiedersehen, Mieke. Sorry to hear about Fiona. Enough Fiona talk. Look around. Mixed company? There he is.

Hey, Jamie. In fine form, I see. You guys are the worst twins ever! Hey, Wade! Great party, buddy. Man, I am so excited!

A whole summer, backpacking around Europe. Dad, Scotty! I planned every detail of the trip to maximize the fun!

You brought a guidebook to a party? Stuck on a boat with a weird French guy? That sounds a little gay. I gotta piss like a pregnant woman. Hey, listen up, everybody. Going to play a little song for you about the nastiest, freakiest little sex puppet I know Happy anniversary.

Who needs more Chablis? Holy cow! Candy, you should clean that off before you go. Clean what off? You got a little something on you. Just go like this. Is it off? No, keep rubbing it. What is it? Maybe tree sap or something. Try pinching it. Lick your fingers, get some saliva going. Like this? Again, not enough saliva. Come here.

Oh, my God! This band rocks! Mail, motherfucker! Hey, Mieke. Perhaps we could Come on! Cooper was right. This guy wants to have sex with me. Bert, what are you doing? Reading your email.

Why are you wearing my bathrobe? No, it says right here, "trauriges madchen. He sent me a picture, retardo. No, retardo. I hope you wrote her back and told her to come visit. You thought she was a guy! What an asshole! Hey, Mom made waffles. You know what? I was actually expecting this. Mike is a girl. No, no, I get it. But whatever works for you. Will you stop? Look, come here.

Look at this picture. Until last night, when I took your advice and told her to keep her "hands off my genitals. This is a total disaster. Oh, come on. Though she is really hot. Mieke and I had this incredible bond. Like what?


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You made out with your sister, man! Relax, Paris is practically a suburb of Berlin. Famous writer of block buster Hollywood movie lethal weapon yet again proved himself in with his master piece of the long kiss goodnight. Retrieved December 2, A dollar and 83 cents American. Dear sweet mother of God You guys are on a completely different level of swearing here. The scenes with a German lorry driver were taken at the then-unfinished D5 motorway near Pilsen. Administer the Testicle Clamps!


Tag: Eurotrip script

Dimi You are most welcome to contact him for any query you may have. Once you are inside, the doors are chained and locked from the outside. You guys are on a completely different level of swearing here. This will deter some but of course not all thieves. This trip is a once in a life-time opportunity for me to broaden my sexual horizons. So, have you guys decided where you wanna go first? What are you talking about?

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