Built to incorporate industry-leading practices, globally dispersed design teams rely on ENOVIA V5 VPM to manage intense multi-discipline collaboration and decision making, producing more innovative products in less time that are optimized for both manufacturability and market acceptance. ENOVIA V5 VPM captures and manages engineering design intent by exposing specifications, rules, operational parameters, simulation results, and manufacturing processes accelerating the understanding of how change affects associated product components and processes. This unique capability allows engineers to analyze and propagate change quickly, accurately, and completely until product performance and costs are optimized. To increase the likelihood of market success, ENOVIA V5 VPM effectively allows development organizations to front load the design and validation of all possible product configurations to deliver precisely the product the market expects - and the profit margins the company requires. VPM Product Editor is a java-based client installed on the desktop of engineering workstations to manipulate bill of material content and product configuration. Configuration experts use VPM Product Editor to create specifications, categories, and rules to control product variability.

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Achieve Competitive Innovation ENOVIA VPLM products enable companies to springboard from a current design to a competitive innovation by applying new practices such as collaborative design, product morphing, "design in context," and digital mock-up.

ENOVIA 3d com products are the ideal solution for anyone within a company who needs to have a single point of access federating all extended enterprise information to facilitate decision making, collaboration and access to the product lifecycle pipeline.

They target an extended enterprise wide deployment level. It provides all the required information and training in one source for maximum assured productivity of the user community. The companion provides a set of learning resources, known as skillets, which are carefully designed to acquire or enhance a given skill in a short time.

V5 DMU enables real-time visualization and review of the 3D product as it evolves, streamlining collaborative review and decision-making. It allows design teams to digitally build the product mock-up and its environment, then analyse it to gain early insight.

Deploying PLM necessitates that product lifecycle development capability has significant breadth and depth. The specific needs of a company will further require that capability can be expanded, tailored, extended and integrated. Related Content.


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