Download Build, customize, and debug your own Android system About This Book Master Android system-level programming by integrating, customizing, and extending popular open source projects Use Android emulators to explore the true potential of your hardware Master key debugging techniques to create a hassle-free development environment Who This Book Is For This book is for Android system programmers and developers who want to use Android and create indigenous projects with it. The developers need to use various techniques to debug the different components in the target devices. With all the challenges, you usually have a deep learning curve to master relevant knowledge in this area. This book will not only give you the key knowledge you need to understand Android system programming, but will also prepare you as you get hands-on with projects and gain debugging skills that you can use in your future projects.

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This hands-on book shows you how Android works and how you can adapt it to fit your needs. It was well written and informative and digs into the internals of the AOSP. I found it to be well organized, up to date, and highly informative in an area where reading the source code is typically your only option.

The book on the subject. Book was good enough that I took a week long class with the author to further my knowledge. Karim knows his stuff. This is a must read for anyone who needs to do Android system work for custom devices or who just wants to better understand the underlying technologies. There is little documentation for this anywhere else that I could find.

Very useful! This book helped me in leaps and bounds will continue to be a very important reference. Pretty good book for Android developers By Traveler on Dec 31, One of my clients asked me if I had read this book. So I showed him my copy. His comment was telling: "if only we had read this before starting this project. Embedded devs should start from here By Adam Lee on Dec 17, I have been porting Android to embedded devices the past 2 months. I had no prior knowledge of Android and like the author mentions in the introduction, Android was quite different from embedded Linux.

A clear overview is extreme important for developers who has just started their works since Android Framework has changed so rapidly, it is better not too focus on technical details. Yet, this book give enough details This book really has no competition.

By Chip Overclock on Jul 02, And it has been way too long in coming. For decades I have done low level development on systems ranging from mainframes and supercomputers and vast distributed telecommunications systems to tiny microcontrollers and everything in between.

Karim is an expert on Linux and Android By S. Vemparala on Jul 19, Karim is an expert on Linux and Android and usually the information presented in his books is fairly thorough.

The only thing with this book is that he does not give more insight into actually creating an Embedded Android device with different hardware etc.

Great source of knowledge By Amazon Customer on May 26, Absolutely wonderful for not only customizing your android installation but it takes you through a well laid out overview of the Android system. It goes more in-depth with the build systems and customizing Android. It has a bit of system coverage of the internals of the Android system. I wish it covered building your own Androidized Kernel. More for the system developer not the app developer. Excellent book.

Well structured. Four Stars By Jorge A. Ventura on Aug 07, I am still reading but I can say that there is information for most people start hacking Android. This book is super well-written. Makes reading about hardware internals a joy By Michael on Jan 15, This book is super well-written. Makes reading about hardware internals a joy.

I look forward to the next edition, which I hear is out soon. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Embedded Android: Porting, Extending, and Customizing

Preview — Embedded Android by Karim Yaghmour. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The updated edition of hands-on book shows you how Android works and how you can adapt it to fit your needs. A must read for anyone looking to build their own Android fork. My only complaint is that the book, at pages, was too brief, but again, I read an old early release. Some of AOSP is self-explanatory with a bit of exploration, but some things, like the build system and device trees, are rather esoteric. Krzysztof Klinikowski rated it it was amazing Jan 31, The Best Books of Thai Ly Cuong rated it liked it Dec 15, This hands-on book shows you how Android works and how you can adapt it to fit your needs.




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