Cmo afinar un instrumento de teclado? En los tiempos de Bach, afinar un rgano o un clavicmbalo antecesor del piano era todo un problema. Msicos, afinadores y fabricantes de instrumentos entablaban interminables discusiones acadmicas sobre la manera en que deban efectuarse tales afinaciones, y nunca se ponan de acuerdo. Se propusieron varias metodologas, pero todas eran inapropiadas. Un violn, una viola o un violoncelo siempre tuvieron resuelto el problema.

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Sereno y apacible. Yo he cambiado, evolucionado, crecido. No se equivoca. Es de una sinceridad absoluta. Sus interpretaciones —que no versiones— tienen firma bien definida.

Bach; in recent years, as part of his long-term relationship with ECM, he has gone back to Bach as a sage veteran, earning even more acclaim for his New Series versions of the Goldberg Variations and the six Partitas , both intimate concert recordings. The performance of these influential works sets new interpretive standards. Grandeur and intimacy are also here.

Wit, too. We try our entire lives to unveil its secrets and to convey its unique message. Even if we never quite reach the imaginary goal, our many performances give us experience and knowledge that were hidden from us years ago.

We form a better understanding of its structure and inner workings. Horizons broaden before our eyes. The discussion led to a question about what Schiff heard in his early Bach discs that he strove to improve upon in his ECM recordings. You know this is a great piece of music that can speak for itself. In , Schiff created his own chamber orchestra, the Cappella Andrea Barca, which consists of international soloists, chamber musicians and friends.

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Partitura «Preludio nº 1 en Do Mayor» de J. S. Bach, El Clave bien temperado



J.S. Bach – Clave bien temperado


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