DSLAM units are typically located in telephone exchanges or distribution points. They allow for the high-speed transmission of DSL technology using legacy copper lines. DSLAMs also come with many advanced traffic management features to separate and prioritize voice, video, and data traffic. By using fiber for backhaul traffic and twisted copper cables for the last mile of a deployment, ISPs are able to build cost-effective networks that offer high-speed transmission rates. Once data arrives to a central carrier office, information is routed to a broadband remote access server B-RAS.

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Local loop : the telephone company wires from a customer to the telephone exchange or to a serving area interface , often called the " last mile " LM. Telephone exchange : Main distribution frame MDF : a wiring rack that connects outside subscriber lines with internal lines. It is used to connect public or private lines coming into the building to internal networks. At the telco, the MDF is generally in proximity to the cable vault and not far from the telephone switch.

The DSLAM port where the subscriber local loop is connected converts analog electrical signals to data traffic upstream traffic for data upload and data traffic to analog electrical signals downstream for data download. Therefore, it cannot re-route traffic between multiple IP networks, only between ISP devices and end-user connection points.

Customer-premises equipment that interfaces well with the DSLAM to which it is connected may take advantage of enhanced telephone voice and data line signaling features and the bandwidth monitoring and compensation capabilities it supports.

A DSLAM may or may not be located in the telephone exchange, and may also serve multiple data and voice customers within a neighborhood serving area interface , sometimes in conjunction with a digital loop carrier.

DSLAMs are also used by hotels, lodges, residential neighborhoods, and other businesses operating their own private telephone exchange. This modem functionality is integrated into the DSLAM itself instead of being done via an external device like a 20th-century voiceband modem. This compensation capability also takes advantage of the better performance of " balanced line " DSL connections, providing capabilities for LAN segments longer than physically similar unshielded twisted pair UTP Ethernet connections, since the balanced line type is generally required for its hardware to function correctly.

Bandwidth versus distance[ edit ] Balanced pair cable has higher attenuation at higher frequencies. The following is a rough guide to the relation between wire distance based on 0. Typically a single DSLAM aggregation card has 24 ports, but this number can vary with each manufacturer. User traffic is mostly IP based.


What is DSLAM?

The central office or a servicing area interface must accept the dialing in of the data from the modem which it then processes through a DSLAM. What is your job title? What is your company baeics Index Recent Topics Search. What is the concept of DSLAM What are the things which constitute a DSLAM How does it work as a multiplexer as what I know about multiplexers is that it has many inputs and one output and that the output is achieved with the help of the combination of switches How does it functions with a radius server In God we trust but for everything else we need data. Join to subscribe now.


DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer)


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