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The Time-Definite Delivery TDD standards presented in this Appendix constitute the maximum amount of time that should elapse during any given pipeline segment for items that are in stock or for items that are processed as part of planned direct-vendor deliveries. They represent 85 percent of the aggregate times that the wholesale supply system is capable of delivering required materiel to its customers.

The DoD Components may adopt more stringent time standards for pipeline segments they control and should ensure that their customer wait time and logistics response time goals consider TDD standards. During demand and supply planning, the materiel managers should develop, with distribution and transportation managers, TDD standards tailored to meet specific performance requirements of the customer, as documented in a performance-based agreement.

Accordingly, the TDD standards in this Appendix are provided as starting points for performance-based agreement negotiations and shall only be used in the absence of specific TDD agreements with customers. Three distinct categories of TDD standards are provided, which correspond to the three processing responses that customers may request from the wholesale supply system on their requisitions. The standards are given in calendar days with.

The standards are listed by pipeline segment and geographic area of the activity originating the order for a designated transportation priority.

The time standard for storage site to CCP i. The time standard for POE i. Airlift areas are, as follows: AP8. Area A. Area B. Area C. Area D. Hard lift areas -- all other destinations not listed as determined by the U. Transportation Command; e.

It is an alternative service to be used when established Air Mobility Command channel service is not adequate. The intransit-to-theater standard for commercial door-to-door air service i. This RDD applies to requisitions with priority designators 01 through 03 and is reserved for U. Subparagraphs AP8. These RDDs apply to requisitions with priority designators 01 through Deployed Navy afloat units shall be measured against time standards in areas A through D based on their current area of operation.

Sealift areas are, as follows: AP8. Hard Lift Areas. For areas not in subparagraphs AP8. A starting "X" or "S" in the RDD indicates that the materiel is required a number of months in the future.

The time standards in Table AP8.


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DOD 4140.1-R



Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement: Technical Amendments


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