Tech Specs Exceedingly strong and secure With a static load rating of 1, lbs and a standard mm wide x mm deep form factor, the Dell PowerEdge rack enclosure can provide the necessary capacity to hold a variety of data center equipment in a compact configuration. Stabilizer feet, included with the rack, attach to the front and sides of each rack enclosure for increased stability. Interconnect kits are available to link adjacent rack enclosures Lockable side panels and front and rear doors provide security for data centers, remote offices, wiring closets, factory floors and other server environments. The trays in the standard rack can hold up to four half-height units. A bundle of cable management options The standard form factor for the PowerEdge rack enclosure accommodates servers with deep chassis dimensions while allowing space for cable management. The large open base and removable side panels provide more options for cable access.

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Model naming[ edit ] Over the years, many different types of PowerEdge servers have been introduced and there was wide variety of product and family codes used within the PowerEdge name. Itanium servers[ edit ] The Dell Itanium-based servers were introduced before this new naming-convention was introduced and were only available as rack servers.

New naming conventions[ edit ] Three digits Since the introduction of the Generation 10 servers in Dell has adopted a standardized method for naming their servers; the name of each server is now represented by a letter followed by 3 digits.

The first digit refers to the number of sockets in the system: 1 to 3 for one socket, 4 to 7 for two sockets, and 8 or 9 for four sockets. The middle digit refers to the generation: 0 for Generation 10, 1 for Generation 11, and so on. Whereas the R is a two-socket, 10th generation AMD-based rack-server. The second digit indicates the generation, with 0 for 10th generation, 1 for 11th generation and so on.

The third digit indicates the number of CPU sockets, 1 for one socket and 2 for two sockets. Blade servers[ edit ] Since Generation 10 there are models for the Me enclosure.

The blade-servers in Generation 8 and Generation 9 are using another enclosure that is not compatible with the current Me system. In form-factor there are two models: half-height and full-height. In an enclosure you can fit 8 full or 16 half-height blades or a mix.


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