Cabe aos Estados, Municнpios e ao Distrito Federal, no вmbito de suas competкncias, criar instrumentos para a efetiva implantaзгo e o controle do atendimento prioritбrio referido neste Decreto. A concepзгo e a implantaзгo dos projetos arquitetфnicos e urbanнsticos devem atender aos princнpios do desenho universal, tendo como referкncias bбsicas as normas tйcnicas de acessibilidade da ABNT, a legislaзгo especнfica e as regras contidas neste Decreto. A construзгo, reforma ou ampliaзгo de edificaзхes de uso pъblico ou coletivo, ou a mudanзa de destinaзгo para estes tipos de edificaзгo, deverгo ser executadas de modo que sejam ou se tornem acessнveis а pessoa portadora de deficiкncia ou com mobilidade reduzida. Em qualquer intervenзгo nas vias e logradouros pъblicos, o Poder Pъblico e as empresas concessionбrias responsбveis pela execuзгo das obras e dos serviзos garantirгo o livre trвnsito e a circulaзгo de forma segura das pessoas em geral, especialmente das pessoas portadoras de deficiкncia ou com mobilidade reduzida, durante e apуs a sua execuзгo, de acordo com o previsto em normas tйcnicas de acessibilidade da ABNT, na legislaзгo especнfica e neste Decreto. Orientam-se, no que couber, pelas regras previstas nas normas tйcnicas brasileiras de acessibilidade, na legislaзгo especнfica, observado o disposto na Lei no

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Goltira Strategy for progressing from in-house training into e-learning using Implications and challenges for e-learning. Choose collection s to save to: Sign in with Facebook. Home Contact Help Sign in Email: Web developers displayed beliefs in diverse myths concerning the dde of web accessibility and few of them implemented the WCAG criteria impacting on dscreto design of e-learning environments for accessibility purposes.

These references have been extracted automatically and may have some errors. Sign in or Register The term accessibility means including the person with a disability in participating in activities such as the use of products, services and information. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1. This study presents a study concerning web accessibility issues in Brazil to be considered for e-learning purposes.

If you see a mistake in the references above, please contact info learntechlib. Accessibility Color Contrast Sitemap. Sign in with Google. Web Accessibility in Mind. Direct Export to RefWorks. You are about to save. Those who prefer to use Internet Explorer need to press the Enter button on their keyboard after one of the above combinations. Skip navigation Skip to search.

Sign in Remember me. Go to content [1] Go to menu [2] Go to search area [3] Go to footer [4]. E-MAG is aligned with international recommendations, but sets standards for accessible behavior for government sites. Accessibility You are here: We studied users with visual disabilities and web developers. These tools are available on all portal pages. The results reveal important barriers to user access and navigation such as the understandability of information and levels of robustness ending up with providing content that cannot be interpreted through the use of assistive technologies.

Salient e-learning with web applications: At the end of this text, you can download some files that better explain the term accessibility and how it should be implemented on Internet sites. Dezebmro the top of the portal there is an accessibility bar where you can find standard navigation shortcuts and the option to change the contrast. Related Articles.


Artigo 9 - Decreto nº 5296 / 2004



Decreto 5296/04 | Decreto nº 5.296 de 2 de dezembro de 2004


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