Few nobles, no matter how desperate their plight, deliberately seek out the aid of the devolved Flayed Ones, although as these charnel creatures inevitably turn up to Necron battles of their own accord, this reluctance is of little account. No longer did the prospect of a common enemy have any hold over the disparate dynasties. The unstoppable, undying Harvfst legions are rising. Hey, thanks a lot for doing this summary, has certainly been helpful.

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Oh, and 2E had a model used for Assholetep. A long time ago even before the Eldar the Necrontyr lived on a planet blasted by radiation from their sun. Their short lives were filled from beginning to end with cancer , AIDS , and pain. The only reason the Necrontyr formed an empire beyond their planet at all was because they put their people in stasis pods and made extremely long journeys across interstellar distances.

But the damage their sun did to their genes was permanent, so they still had short, cancer-prone lives. While all this sun-rape was going on a race of psychically-attuned space precursors called the Old Ones had already built a vast civilization throughout the galaxy. They created many races or augmented many existing ones leaving humanity alone and generally showed off.

Oh yeah, and they are speculated to have been immortal lizards Or the Eldar gods. The Necrontyr met the Old Ones and quickly grew to resent their neighbors, loathing how long their lifespans were by comparison. Resentment grew into bitter jealousy and finally all-consuming hatred. The Old Ones were indeed much stronger and repelled Necrontyr assault after assault until the race was clinging to the edge of the galaxy and their lives.

The realm of the Warp, which the Old Ones used extensively, was anathema to them, and they sought nothing less than the total separation of the real world from the Maelstrom.

The Deceiver promised the living Necrontyr race immortality and fun times if they would sacrifice their bodies to the gods to be replaced with metallic goodness, made from a very durable and self-repairing material called Necrodermis. Using its talent for trickery, the Deceiver lured the doubters into the clutches of its followers and forced them to become Necrons before roboticizing its followers.

The race had their souls ripped out of their collective urethrae, replacing the Necrontyr with the skeletal bodies of the Necrons. War breaks out between the Necrons and the Old Ones, this war being named the War in Heaven since all of the awesome shit that went down was akin to the gods themselves fighting. The Old Ones get their asses soundly beat over and over again and created new races lol, Krork to defend themselves with. Oh, and by using the Warp as a weapon they turned it into the fun place we all know and love which essentially means that the Old Ones are responsible for all the Chaos-infested shit that goes down these days.

At this point, the old Necron fluff and new stuff begins to diverge a bit. Old fluff says the Eldar were created by the old Ones directly but new fluff simply says that the Eldar and Old Ones were allies in the war against the Necrons.

This is primarily where the theory that the Old Ones and the Eldar Pantheon are potentially the same thing comes from if true, that means some Old Ones are still alive, namely Isha , Cegorach , and Khaine , though Khaine is split into a bajillion pieces so truly alive is debatable for him. However, the Eldar were present in both wars, so In present time, the Necrons spend most of their time killing anything with a pulse and generally hating anything living, including bacteria.

In essence, OldCron fluff basically makes them "Evil Order", as opposed to "Evil Chaos" redundant in this universe , or "Metal Tyranids" because of the emotionless mass of silver that represents their armies with guys like Thomas Macabee being more of an exception than a rule. For a far, far better game-based exploration of how to introduce individualized personalities in a race of A.

The crazy fun part of this is if you still want to play a silent legion of implacable, unfathomable terror-bots in the thrall of an insane god, you totally can. The new fluff allows for players to fluff their army as they see fit as anything from a noble, honorable warrior kingdom open to trade and diplomacy with other species to unthinking hordes of omnicidal machines in the thrall of a malevolent computer system.

Shit, for all the new fluff cares your army can be a horde of Necrons afflicted with the Flayer Curse who long to have their dicks back and run around stealing the dongs of the lesser races so they can hump each other whilst their Lord sheds manly tears as he beholds the terrible plight of his people.

Forge World created the Maynarkh Dynasty to give an example of a perfectly fluff-valid dynasty that was culturally similar to Oldcrons well, the "kill everything! Same as the original lore, the necrontyr were an alien race that lived extremely short, painful lives since their sun caused them to be riddled with cancer and other defects, and the tomb complexes they built were much larger than their towns, constantly reminding of their inevitable deaths.

They focused their short lives on science in a desperate attempt to find a way to increase their lifespans, but they never managed to. Thus grew their collective hate towards the near-immortal Old Ones.

The devious Star God had in fact tricked the Necrontyr into giving up their mortal bodies and souls so that he and his god friends could gorge themselves on their tasty ass-meats. At this point the galaxy was basically a smoldering ruin, the Necrons were severely depleted from their endless wars, and the Eldar were reaching the height of their power. The Silent King ordered the Necrons to sleep for millions of years in order to hide from the Eldar and re-awaken at a time when the galaxy had both recovered and forgotten about them.

Following this, he freed the Necrons from his control and left the galaxy in shame for failing his people. Present Warhammer 40k[ edit ] This is literally what the Necrons have become.

What this exactly means is left to the interpretation of each Overlord. The overall unity of the Necron people is gone for the most part leaving each individual Dynasties to once again rule for themselves. While Necron warriors are pretty much just automatons and Immortals are not much better, the majority of the upper echelon of Necron society retain some degree of personality.

So there is lots of crazy nuance to Necron culture that was never present before. There are now lots of memorable quotes from Necron Lords. There are Necron Lords who honor valor in battle, Necron Lords who are obsessed with finding the perfect flesh bodies to transfer their sentience back into, and a Necron Lord who acts and commands its people like true robots due to damage to their Tomb World among others. The Silent King realized that if the Tyranids wipe the galaxy clean of biological matter then the Necrons will never find a form to transfer their minds back into.

There are even a few Necron Lords who even work or trade with other races. However, such as with all the factions of 40k this is rare. And then Trazyn decides to give the Imperium a hand at Cadia and see if he could get Abaddon as part of his collection. Really, every dynasty can be different, so just have fun coming up with your own. Oh, and there is definitely plenty of reason to have Necron vs.

Necron action now as the old feuds between competing Necron Lords flare back up again. To make matters more complicated though, if Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is to be believed, it was The Deceiver who handed over the Blackstone Fortresses to Abbadon , thereby allowing him to destroy the Necron Pylons and overrun Cadia. Was it an act to spite the Necrons by aiding Chaos, or does he have a doublecross in the works? It would also fit perfectly into the new fluff showcasing success in combining the Necrons and the living to create a new life form.

And really this loss was by no means required for this change in fluff. In fact, Pariahs make even more sense with this version of the fluff than they did in the old. The dead claim you all, fleshlings! There was also the matter of their alliance with the Blood Angels that made everyone break into sperglord rage. See, Matt Ward was trying to ready the Necrons for their soon-to-come fluff revision where they went from a mindless army to a proper empire with actual politics.

So really, now the Necrons have become their playstyle: An army of metallic trolls. Game Play[ edit ] A mountain of metal, green glow and rape. Necrons have strong weaponry, high toughness, but generally very little mobility. Pre 5th edition Codex[ edit ] Pre-5th edition, the Necrons competitively were monobuilt to all hell.

Depending on what they were up against they would be THE virtually unstoppable shooty army, or easily countered. Essentially this came down to whether or not you had enough hard counters to heavy infantry. Necron were also severely nerfed in the start of 5th Edition, due to vehicles being a bit more sturdy. In the previous edition, they could potentially destroy any enemy including heavy vehicles with just their default troops choice - Gauss weaponry inflicts glancing hits against vehicles on a roll of 6.

Necron Warriors dispatching Land Raiders or Leman Russ Tanks with these glancing hits was not unheard of, causing many veterans of 40K tabletop to rightly declare the Necrons to be Cheese.

In 5th Edition, due to the new Armour Penetration rules, Necron Warriors could still harass, stun-lock, and annoy all vehicles, but were much less able to gun down a heavy like a Predator Tank or Vindicator with simple massed Warrior fire, to the delight of non-Necron players everywhere. Massed fire from Necron Warriors can still kill a heavy vehicle, but it will take a veritable barrage of shots to do so now, making it a bit less likely that players can spam the shit out of warrior squads and come away triumphant.

A smart NewCron player learns to not over-rely on Warriors now, using backup from a mix of Scarabs, Doomsday Arks, Barge Lords, Wraiths, and Harbingers of Destruction in order to pack quality anti-vehicle options. Yes, a block of 20 Necron Warriors will wreck a Land Raider in one turn, hands down, every day of the week, though they need to be within 12" for that to happen so they can rapid fire it otherwise it only loses 2 Hull Points , and if you are that fucking stupid 12" is melta range for everyone else you are going to lose your Raider regardless of who you are playing against.

The Necrons in 6th are still a very powerful and dangerous force. Now the Necron army is all about synergy, with Overlords, Lords and Crypteks strategically placed in shooty units, and melee options like Lychguard and the infuriatingly tough-to-kill Wraiths. Immortals are pretty much Space Marine equivalents. The infamous Monolith is easily the most recognizable unit that the Necrons possess.

Good job, Matt Ward. Necron infantry are generally slow moving, hard hitting, much like the Space Marines, if the Space Marine infantry units had Feel No Pain as part of their base rules and they forgot to take drop pods or transport vehicles.

The Necrons back this with annoying deep-strikers and fast-moving units that are designed to support the main advance. This causes squees among the playerbase. The other big change to their army is the changes made to the Reanimation Protocols RP. There are some other changes MSS now useless, Wraiths now Beasts, Crypteks losing everything fun , Destroyers are Jetpack Infantry , but these are the ones that changed the most.

Living metal is also an automatic wound recovery. Monoliths have 20 wounds, and can once again suck people into its gaping maw. So far, Cronz are gonna be just as durable and scary as they once were. Reanimation Protocols: Roll a D6 for each slain model from this unit unless the whole unit has been completely destroyed at the beginning of your turn. Living Metal: At the beginning of your turn, this model recovers 1 Wound lost earlier in battle.

Characters and Vehicles benefit from this rule. For each roll of 6, that unit suffers a mortal wound. You can add 1 to the Advance, charge and hit rolls of that unit until the beginning of your next turn.

A unit can only be affected by this ability once in each turn. The changes to vehicles have nerfed Gauss weapons into oblivion though, as although absolutely everything is now capable of wounding vehicles, the amount of wounds needed plus the low chance of wounding at all results in you needing hundreds of shots to destroy them.

Maybe because he insists on using tanks. If you want real in-depth strategies, take a gander at the Tactica. This is just an overview about some of the ways Trollcrons can be cheese. Necron troops tend to be effective engaging from maximum range.

Deployed in large hordes Necron Warriors are perhaps the single hardest basic troops to shift in the entire game. Only the heaviest fusillades or the very worst luck can wipe them out. Hearing such squads survive round after round after round of small arms fire is far from unusual. Immortals are more expensive, but less numerous: focus your fire on their smaller squads, making sure to finish the squad.



Map of Necron Dynasty locations across the Milky Way Galaxy after the formation of the Great Rift Just as the stars gave birth to their children so the planets of the newborn galaxy eventually gave birth to lifeforms composed of matter which began the long evolutionary climb to self-awareness. The first sentient beings of the Milky Way Galaxy known to have developed a civilisation technologically advanced enough to cross the stars was a reptilian race of beings called the Old Ones by the Aeldari , who knew them best. They possessed a slow, cold-blooded, but deep wisdom; having long studied the stars and raised astronomy and physics to such a level that their science and technology would appear to humanity like an arcane art. Their understanding of the workings of the universe were such that they could manipulate alternate dimensions and undertake great works of psychic engineering. Their science allowed them to cross the vast gulfs of space with only a single step via the myriad of Warp Gates they had built to connect the worlds of the galaxy in a vast network, much like the Aeldari Webway of today; though on a much larger scale.


Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Necrons

Oh, and 2E had a model used for Assholetep. A long time ago even before the Eldar the Necrontyr lived on a planet blasted by radiation from their sun. Their short lives were filled from beginning to end with cancer , AIDS , and pain. The only reason the Necrontyr formed an empire beyond their planet at all was because they put their people in stasis pods and made extremely long journeys across interstellar distances. But the damage their sun did to their genes was permanent, so they still had short, cancer-prone lives.


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