Es sollten daher nur Pakete von der Projekthomepage contao2go. Redakteure in Artikeln oder News verwenden, abgelegt werden sollen, erzeugt man einen weiteren Unterordner mit dem Namen "theme". Hier reicht jedoch ein Unterordner, in dem sofern notwendig alle modifizierten Templates der Webseite "firstsite" gespeichert werden. Theme Im Theme-Manager erstellt man ein neues Theme namens "firstsite". In Verbindung mit der Beispielwebsite werden 2 Stylesheets erstellt: eine basic. Module sind Objekte, welche seitenweit eingebunden werden, wie z.

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You can make any changes directly in the CSS. That means Sass is completely optional but you should check it out — you might like it. Sass can help you to achieve more in less time and make your life a little bit easier. Sass takes a lot of hassle out of webdesigns problems like vendor prefixes and complex media queries. Choose: Compass. There are two ways to use Compass: Via command line or with a program offering a graphical user interface GUI.

We recommend using the command line, since its fast, reliable and stable. Only if you really, really hate using your keyboard you should go with the GUI variant.

The command line is not that bad. A: Install Compass via the command line 1. For Windows you can easily install Ruby using the RubyInstaller. Keep to the install assistent and finish the installation.

Open the command line terminal. Type gem -v into the terminal and press enter. You should see a version number e. This confirms that the installation was successful. Step: Use Compass To transform the. After that compass watches the folder for changes and automatically generates the CSS files. B: Install Compass. Step: Download Compass. After the download you can instantly run the tool without installation.

Step: Use Compass. Pick the themes sass or scss folder and confirm by clicking o. Now Compass. Each of the folders contains a config. To translate the. Sass knows two different syntax. SCSS files use the extension. Both variants offer the same feature set, only the syntax is different. Instead of brackets and semicolons, it uses the indentation of lines to specify blocks. Although no longer the primary syntax, the indented syntax will continue to be supported.

Files in the indented syntax use the extension. Sass Sass uses indention instead of brackets, semicolons are left out at all. So you can edit the most important colors by changing only a single line. The col function RockSolid Themes are based on a grid system that is built using 25 equally-sized columns in the desktop variant. The col function helps you to handle the grid easily. Please let us know by providing your feedback. Thank you!

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With of left column: px High of footer: 25px Requirements Contao needs to be installed with success Installation needs to be checked with the system-check tool and removed from all errors if there are some. To get a good overview, you can store the files in several sub-folders. We name it layout. Similar as with the files, you can create a sub-folder named "project-name". With this, we do have the controll over all actions where are needed to display a wep-project. This are files, stylesheets, frontend-modules and page-layouts.


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