He reveals how transforming your mindset from one of poverty to one of abundance and gratitude can lead to success. Transcript: When I was in fifth grade I felt ashamed for being poor. My parents had gotten divorced, my mom was a waitress and she was raising four kids on a waitress income. So I was wearing hand me downs from my brothers that were almost a decade older than I was.

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This will streamline and simplify your coaching business. In this live, Christian Mickelsen will walk you through all the important pieces of working with clients, including… Branding, marketing, list building, and audience building. How to get your clients great results. How to turn prospects into clients, and then into raving fans Who Is Christian Mickelsen?

Also, he has launched his Big Money Business Coach program in During his early years as a coach, Christian struggled too much to sign up clients. But after much trial and error, he cracked the code to getting clients. Today, Christian runs a multi-million dollar coaching company that was named one of Inc. And Christian will show you exactly how to package your coaching into an irresistible offer so clients sign-up right on the spot.

Working with Christian live will ensure you know exactly what to do at each step in the process, so you have a quick start in getting new clients. What Do You Get?

So people get instant access to the program as well as the live coaching calls.


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Christian Mickelsen Products And Your Coaching Business November 4, Christian Mickelsen products have been highly recommended by many professionals in the personal development and coaching industry. These products are helping to change lives around the globe. Who is Christian Mickelsen? Christian Mickelsen is one of the leading authorities on personal coaching and personal development. He has been a personal coach for over eighteen years and is a trainer to coaches. Mickelsen is a self-made millionaire who started from nothing and worked his way up to become the owner of a multi-million-dollar coaching business.


Free Sessions That Sell Review - Christian Mickelsen Program (2020)


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