Shelves: 0-blogged , 4-paranormal-romance , 2-ebook , 3-mf , 1-contemporary , pre-destined , curvy-heroine , hotel-accommodation , new-beginnings , big-misunderstanding The Alphine Woods Shifters series follows a world where shifters exist in many different forms. Not only do you have the predatory shifter animals but you also have a range of other shifter types. I found the concept of an otter shifter to be charming. Gwen is a beautiful, curvy woman who has been looking forward to finding her mate for a long time but never imagined she would end up with an alpha wolf. And Ethan, who had run away for a holiday in the sun in order to avoid pressure to become The Alphine Woods Shifters series follows a world where shifters exist in many different forms. Even though this is the second book in a series, it could be read as a stand-alone book although Arctic Winds gives you the background of the town and how this pack is so different.

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The risk of running into Ethan was too high here. It would kill her to live through the heartbreak of his words over and over. Her worst fear was that the mate attraction was a pull neither of them could resist.

She deserved to be wanted for who she was, not forced into a future that would be miserable for both of them. Being alone was preferable to that fate. Distance was what she needed. The more distance between them, the safer they both were. It was the only option. Nothing eased the restlessness consuming him. There was only one cure, one thing guaranteed to still the animal inside. One woman. Nor could he find her anywhere else he looked.

The need to see her, smell her, hold her, overwhelmed him. The feeling of being caged continued to grow as more time passed. Where the hell was she? She looked him over with a sneer, as if finding him lacking. I was just with her this morning. Panic burned in his belly.

She was his. Made for him, just as he was made for her. The woman turned to leave, but Ethan caught up with her and spun her around. All that mattered was finding his mate.

Had last night meant nothing to her? And without a damn word. Grabbing the woman by the shoulders, Ethan spun her around and demanded to know where his mate had gone. He was through denying what he wanted. He needed Gwen more than he needed his next breath. How dare she run away from him.

She was his mate and her place was by his side. Watching it happen before her eyes was fascinating. The last thing she wanted to do was betray Gwen, the woman was like a sister to her. But some sixth sense compelled her to help this wolf, screamed at her that this was the right choice.

If there had only been surprise in his gaze, she would have snatched the paper away before he could read it. But pain and determination were also in the look he shot her as he nodded. Determination to make this right. Taking the paper, the wolf ran down the hallway like the hounds of hell were following. Also By Sondrae Bennett.


Chasing Paradise (2011)

Nothing I say seems to penetrate her distrust. Why would you not want her? Jason looked ready to take him out back and beat him to a pulp, and Danny, usually the calm one of the group, looked ready to hold Ethan down rather than help him. What he needed was their help. She means the world to me. Already I can feel the bond between us.


Chasing Paradise

I personally enjoyed it more than the first entry. I have to give him props though, for going above and beyond in trying to make things right between them. They are novellas so everything does happen a little quicker than it normally would, but am still enjoying them. I loved Ethan when we met him in the first book and was looking forward to seeing what kind of woman was going to keep his attention.


Alpine Woods Shifters Series




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