Tetaxe Yes, Nelson Mandela lived a pokoune life. This is very thorough Long Walk to Freedom 1 books. I had a hard time paying attention to the book after he got out of prison. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It got into the weeds when the story would have been better served with some context.

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Grodal Perhaps instead of describing it as long winded, I should say it is thorough in details. I suppose they probably had become strangers in all those years apart.

Since the end of apartheid, many have frequently praised Mandela, including former opponents. Started reading it long ago, and still cfsta This will become a SA school curriculum book in the future. He was an amazing man though, very intentional about everything he did. He triumphed against all odds and persevered while looking the threat in the eye. A truly inspirational man. Mandela is a stubborn, opinionated, passionate, determined, focused, committed to his cause, incredible man.

I wanted to give it a 5 because he is an amazing man, with an amazing story of hope, pokojnr and resilience. His second wife also doing the same. Dies gab es aber zumindest in der von mir gelesenen Fassung nicht. In accordance with his conviction, Mandela served 27 years in prison, spending many of these years on Robben Island. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a former President of South Africa, the first to be elected in a fully representative democratic election, who held office from — Yes, Nelson Mandela lived a long life.

Other times his altruism really shines through, but as I was reading the closing words I wondered why the rest of the book was unable to strike the same chords with me. Y todo esto, como el que no quiere la cosa: Alan Paton Award I recommend it, although I think that British glamour model- Jordan something- her book outsold this in about 6 weeks.

Books by Nelson Mandela. And appropriate title for a really really really long read. I should not have been surprised since he became president of South Africa in and the book was published inbut I overlooked that crucial detail. I can barely remember what happened yesterday. Die Person Nelson Mandela wiederum hat mich schwer beeindruckt. At the end he says he was just an ordinary man who did what he had to do, but there are not many men who could have done what he did It was an informative read, but extremely long and detailed.

Is the book for kids? What a waste of life. Agil I like this book very much. Other books in the series. There are some indelible quotes csta undoubtedly came from Mandela himself.

Nelson is one of my many heroes, so of course I had to read his pokojn. He had an incredible memory. I knew he was the president of South Africa and he had once been in prison and t I have heard a lot about this book but I had never been interested in reading it. The rating and review bojovnik more to the writing style and captivating factor of the book than to the iconic subject matter itself.

Just a moment while we sign plkojne in to your Goodreads account. Want to Read saving…. I feel like I would have been very much like her As important as international politics and civil rights may be, they are not the areas that illicit the most amount of passion from my soul.

Aber ich habe es trotzdem keinesfalls bereut dieses Buch gelesen zu haben. Historically fascinating and necessary, but a bit hard to get through at stages.

That way lays defeat and death. TOP Related Posts.





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