Lost Your Password? The first flew in and was certified in It was a derivative of the Cessna wanted a more cost competitive cabin class aircraft and it was able to achieve this by utilizing parts from the existing series models.

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Realistic cruise numbers for the two airplanes suggest the gap may have been closer to 10 than 17 knots—about kts for the and knots for the Still, both airplanes easily managed to exceed the knot bottom line considered so essential for a corporate twin.

Specific fuel consumption sfc is fairly immutable, and both airplanes sport a sfc on the order of. In other words, at 75 percent power, you could expect a fuel burn of roughly 17 gph per engine in the and 21 gph in the Yes, I know — if you have to ask how much…? Still, fuel economy is becoming progressively more important as supply becomes constricted and prices reach toward European levels.

The basic was born in with a 4. The updated Chancellor abolished the original tip tanks in favor of a longer wet wing, benefitted from a lengthened fuselage, mounted an improved 5. The result was an airplane that was physically almost identical to the , but with slightly less power.

Pressurization differential is an impressive 5. In fact, however, the is most often operated in the low flight levels, FL to FL Pressurization has always been the ultimate luxury, one of those systems—like air conditioning in cars—that seems almost mandatory.

The eight-seat cabin measures 55 inches across, making it one of the roomiest in the class. Engine start is about as simple as it gets — full rich, mags, master, prime, starter. Count on an easy fpm to 15, feet, and fpm on up to 20, feet. I plan on gph minimum at cruise, so the standard gallon fuel system provides about 4. The nice thing is that everyone in the airplane is comfortable, with fold-down tables in back and plenty of elbow and head room for every seat.

Couple the whole package with a good autopilot and you have a truly smooth and luxurious mode of travel. Once, 20 years ago, out of Gander, Newfoundland, for Shannon, Ireland, I climbed out directly to 20, feet to take advantage of strong tailwinds and still saw an initial knots true. With the help of the wind, I did the nm from Gander to Shannon in just under seven hours, averaging nearly knots. ANY year-old piston twin is bound to have a few maintenance issues.

You need to iron those out before the sale or negotiate a lower price to cover the deficiencies. Pressurization can be problematic, as well. The system may begin to leak after a few years, partially nullifying the whole reason for buying an inflatable airplane in the first place. As time marches on, most pilots eventually stop marching altogether. Chancellors can be made timeless, however, with indefinite lives extended by new engines, improved avionics, and modernized components.


Cessna 421 Series



Cessna 414


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