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La Di Sano Srl, nasce per volere di Francesco Di Sano alla terza generazione nella lavorazione e commercializzazione del pistacchio sia a marchio proprio che per conto terzi.

Instauriamo stretti rapporti con i fornitori operanti in diverse parti del mondo Italia, California, Argentina, Grecia, Spagna, Turchia etc. The pistachio We are one of the few company national territory who work the pistachio, the only one in Northern Italy. We carefully select the fruit and transform it into multiple semi-finished or finished products, ready to be used by the final consumer.

Di Sano family was originary from Bronte, country renowned for the production of pistachio. The Company, as it is now, was an idea of Francesco third generation descendant of the family. Today our firm is well known as specialized in processing and marketing pistachio nuts both under its own brand and for subcontractors. Di Sano Srl is always involved in the research of innovation and development, but always keeping in mind the traditional values than once.

We build good relationships with the suppliers operating in different parts of the world Italy, California, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Turkey etc. Customer needs are our priorities: we can offer products and services, trying to satisfy their own different requires. Gelateria and confectionery line Our mission is to ensure high quality products.

A young staff is focused to develop formulations and innovative methodologies on the bases of the great experience the owners have got in the raw material field.

So, experience, knowledge, determination and reliability enabled us to achieve the excellence in our products. A vostra richiesta possiamo realizzare imballi a marchio del Cliente e per richieste particolari, tramite uno studio grafico, possiamo Private label Our products with your own label? It is possible with us! We perfectly know the importance of placing on the market not only high quality products but also an eye-catching package.

So, we can offer our products with your own trademark and in different packages according to your needs: specialists of our graphic studio can work for you! I nostri corsi sono organizzati con passione, da professionisti del settore che sapranno consigliarti per qualsiasi esigenza.

Da noi si rivolgono persone che vogliono prepararsi alla professione o professionisti del settore che vogliono affinare le proprie tecniche e conoscenze. Di Sano S. Le vostre ricette saranno in buone mani, custodite e utilizzate solo per la preparazione delle vostre miscele le quali potranno essere confezionate a vs. Inoltre, se vorrete potrete fornirci voi stessi le materie prime, noi metteremo a vostra disposizione il ns.

Workshop sessions are organized and run by specialists who will be pleased to answer to your questions and to suggest you the get the best performances in your activity. Your recipes will be duly warded and used exclusively for the preparation of your mixtures which can also be then packaged private label and package. Our technical staff can assist you to get the best mixing from your recipes or to learn the best methods for an optimal use of raw materials and their derivatives.

Furthermore, our staff can offer a technical support and updating about regulations derivati nei vari settori. The line includes all dry fruits which are masterly processed thanks to an experience achieved during three generations time: we take care that all the organoleptic properties of the fruit remain unaltered.

The ice creams made of dried fruit are the most appreciated by the lovers of artisan gelato. Our high quality ingredients will give added value to your products and toy our business. Un laboratorio completo sempre a vostra completa disposizione per provare nuove ricette, testare i nostri prodotti o per chi vuole affacciarsi a questo mondo.

Prenota la tua prova scrivendo a: laboratorio prodottidisano. Laboratory tests An equipped laboratory is at your disposal to test new recipes, to test our products or just to have experience the ice-cream but not only! In case of interest, please book by writing to: Laboratorio prodottidisano. Oggi la Di Sano S. A Family Tradition For over three generations we have been working in the food ingredients field.

From around the world we carefully choose raw material, not only from the Italian territory but also we import from all over the world. In our facilities located near Milan, the products are selected and expertly worked. Our main goal is to develop and implement high quality products. As of today, Di Sano Srl supplies specialists of Gelato, Pastry, food and confectionary industries with an increasingly of a wider range of products, starting from raw dry fruits to the final product.










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