The superior touch of the PX-S is thanks to the newly designed fully weighted Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, which delivers an authentic and uncompromising piano touch with an incredibly small footprint. Advanced string resonance exposes the harmonic relationships between vibrating strings, while damper resonance adds depth and richness. Hammer response and key-off simulation deliver even greater detail, reacting naturally to your playing dynamics. Now You See It They fade away when powered off, leaving only a clean, seamless top panel.

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It has features that enable it to serve as both a digital piano and a digital keyboard. This is a convenient weight, especially when considering how many high-quality digital pianos weigh between forty and sixty pounds or even more. The Casio Privia PX is approximately eleven inches wide and fifty-two inches long. These measurements make fitting this piano into homes, studios, or stage settings convenient.

Keys, Tones, and Maximum Polyphony The Casio Privia PX has eighty-eight keys, each of which has three sensors and is textured with ebony and ivory.

The PX has three different levels of touch sensitivity for its keys. The PX features a scaled hammer action keybed as well as two hundred fifty built-in tones and one hundred eighty built-in rhythms. The scaled hammer action system of the keys adds weight to the bass and takes weight away from the treble.

This effect makes playing the PX feel more like playing an acoustic piano. The tones are divided into categories called "song banks" that can be accessed from the control interface. The tones in the song banks include those of a grand piano. In addition, the Damper Resonance simulator , which cooperates with the AiR system to affect the tones, mimics the effect of a damper pedal on the eighty-eight piano strings.

The Casio Privia PX also includes one hundred twenty-eight notes of maximum polyphony that add to the volume ability of the piano. All the features of the keys and the tones make the PX useful both as a digital piano and as a digital keyboard.

These headphone jacks can work for duets and private sessions between teachers and students. The warranty for the digital piano lasts for a year from the day of purchase.

How It Compares We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. Yamaha P


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PX-350M Manual


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