The male is flat out domineering, arrogant, and the epitome of white male privilege that borders on barrels right into? And the female character seems to just fall prey and allow it, helpless to do anything else. She has a successful model career which is rising, a plethora of friends, and a beautiful apartment. Romance was not exactly something she was looking for, as she always assumed that she would be just fine on her own. So when magazine tycoon Bret Bardoff begins to pursue her, Hilary continously shuts him down to keep him away from her heart and out of her mind. But the mutual magnetism that is between them cannot Small town girl Hilary Baxter is making a great life for herself in New York City.

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However, there were a few unexpected and interesting plot turns towards the middle of the story. After that, the story went downhill again. The main conflict was obvious from the very beginning and nothing saved the story after that.

Blithe Images: This story creeped me completely out and then just annoyed me. It felt like I was reading a romance novel from the 70s - you know the type, First Impressions: A very slow starting story. It felt like I was reading a romance novel from the 70s - you know the type, where the heroine just gets walked all over by the male lead I refuse to call him a hero and no one seems to think anything is wrong with that picture. But the creepy part came because everyone treated the heroine in this story like a child.

They would pat her on the head, tell her what was best for her, ignore her protests, etc. This story should be given a negative rating. I know many readers think her earlier stories were better, but I disagree.

I remember checking them out of the local library many years ago. These are lovely holiday themed romances. The first one was my favorite. First Impressions was a good story. It was sweet and a good read. The problem that I had was with Blithe Images and the way that it skirted around images of rape and sexual assault.

This is not romantic or fun. Love is not having a guy want you so much that he is willing to cross your boundaries to get what he wants.

I am not a prude and enjoy all sort of romantic fiction from the tame to the very steamy but there is nothing fun about this old story that promotes dangerous images about sex and respect. The guy gets the girl; the girl gets the guy. The second story, Blithe Images, was better than the first. Although neither were earth shattering.


Blithe Images



First Impressions / Blithe Images




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