Diana has over 20 years working within education, youth development and the charitable sector. As a qualified teacher Diana has lectured in business and enterprise within Further Education and Higher Education establishments across London. With her has extensive knowledge in supporting and developing social enterprises primarily targeting African and Caribbean communities, Diana has developed a number of programmed specifically for this group. As a Prince Trust Awardee at the age of 20 Diana is also very passionate about supporting children and young people to develop an entrepreneur mind-set.

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Shelves: entrepreneur , financial Very good and informative about economic conditions in the African American community. He makes an encouraging argument of why as a community we should put economic empowerment before political empowerment. He has lots of ideas and suggestions for how this can be done based on much statistical information and historical facts. The book was published in , so numbers and calculations he makes are out-of-date, so just adjust for inflation. Kunjufu is spot on Very good and informative about economic conditions in the African American community.

Kunjufu is spot on about many issues and attitudes that hold African-American back economically. I enjoyed reading his analysis of the situation. He even touches on the idea of reparations, even though, far-fetched, he makes a great argument for it.

My only drawback was the way that he ended the book in the last chapter, with the fictional meeting of his chosen leaders. Perhaps it also served as a review of the info. Still a great book if you like reading on topics related to finances and economics or if you are an entrepreneur.

I was introduced to some great ideas here that I plan to build on. It helps to gain an understanding as to why POC do not flourish like we should in economics. May 09, Frederick Amadi rated it really liked it This book did a great job of providing possible solutions to problems the black community faces economically.

Kunjufu delves into various tactics we can use as a people to improve our financial resources and claim more power for ourselves. There are many sad and depressing points that he brings to the readers attention, because many of these issues STILL exist to this very day. But hopefully as more and more African Americans read and spread the knowledge, things will improve for the better.

This book did a great job of providing possible solutions to problems the black community faces economically.


Kunjufu, Jawanza 1953–

He is the founder and president of African American Images, a Chicago -based publishing company that sponsors dozens of workshops intended to help educators and parents develop practical solutions to the problems of child-rearing in what he perceives to be a racist society. Kunjufu holds advanced degrees in business and economics that have enabled him to place the problems of black society in the larger context of national and international economic models. Born on June 15, , in Chicago, Kunjufu—who adopted a Swahili name in —credits his parents, Eddie and Mary Brown, with affording him the encouragement, discipline, and stability that would later become the core of his program for the renewal of black society. As a young man, Kunjufu was urged by his father to volunteer his time at a number of different jobs, working without pay in exchange for learning firsthand how businesses and skilled craftsmen went about their work. Kunjufu attended Illinois State University at Normal and received a bachelor of science degree in economics in Ten years later he finished a doctorate in business administration at Union Graduate School.


Jawanza Kunjufu



Dr Kunjufu on Black Economics part 1



Black economics : solutions for economic and community empowerment


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