Alexander Lowen por la Psic. Tenemos el placer de hablar con el Dr. Wilhelm Reich? Reich en Yo particularmente en ese momento estaba en un dilema en mi vida.

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The language of the body by Alexander Lowen Book 37 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide A guide to physical and psychic joy. The Language of the Body is the psychological masterpiece that showed how and why conventional analysis was failing.

Millions of Americans have become victims of their tension-producing environment. They have lost sensibility and sensuality in the struggle for survival. They have betrayed their bodies - and their bodies are betraying them. Alexander Lowen brilliantly demonstrates how body is the mirror of character and can act as the clue to emotional disorders.

A pioneer in the dramatically successful field of bioenergetic analysis, Dr. Lowen explains this method of therapy and documents his work with detailed case histories as well as psychological and physical descriptions of a host of character types: oral, masochistic, hysterical, Phallic-narcissistic, passive-feminine, schizophrenic and schizoid.

What emerges is the clear and astonishing relationship of personality functioning to patterns of bodily movement and muscular tension, and a classic portrait of the disturbed individual in his many physical guises. The Language of the Body is an eloquent contribution to the understanding and treatment of human emotional disturbance The way to vibrant health : a manual of bioenergetic exercises by Alexander Lowen Book 37 editions published between and in 4 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide "These exercises have been developed in the course of more than twenty years of therapeutic work with patients.

They are done in therapy sessions, in classes, and at home. People who do these exercises report a positive effect upon their energy, their mood and their work. The authors do them regularly to promote their own well-being. Wherever we have introduced these exercises, the response has been enthusiastic.

We are constantly asked for a list and description of the exercises. This manual is our response to that demand. We wish to emphasize at the outset that these exercises are not a substitute for therapy - But whether or not you are in therapy, the regular performance of these exercises will help you significantly to increase your aliveness and capacity for pleasure.

Alexander Lowen, world-famous psychoanalyst, will show you how to resolve those fears without changing the characteristics that make you the unique human being you are. Go beyond fear-to freedom! During this process the client releases tension and expresses feelings in physical ways such as screaming and flailing limbs. Lowen emphasizes the importance of always being in touch with the patient, either verbally or physically during bioenergetic analysis, and helping the client to understand how his problem is related to his past and present behavior.



Jun 12, Haikaa Yamamoto rated it it was amazing Bioenergetics helped me to set myself free. First of all, he is not very likeable as a person. He comes through as narcissistic, ego driven he even admits that his main motivation to become a psychologist was "to become famous" , dismissive and highly uneducated at times - or at least not at all well read. Secondly, the authors he quotes which is mostly himself are either very obscure or completely irrelevant to psychology today.

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Alexander Lowen

The Bioenergetic Analysis aims to help people regain their vitality and well-being by facilitating: May 28, Alexandra Algafari rated it it was amazing. When asked during an interview in what has given him the most meaning in life, he responds without hesitation, feeling the pleasure and life of the body. This emphasis on the body includes sexuality, whic is one of its basic functions. Bioenergetics Return to Book Page.


Body psychotherapy





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