We are speaking about individuals that possess a psychomotor disturbance. However, was the following mean values for the children that breathe well and breathe bad, respectively: For evaluation of the body notion, it is observed the kinesthetic sense, the right and left recognition, self-image facegestures imitation and body drawing. Therefore, the human breathing has been studied in their anatomical, physiologic and neurological aspects1. The buccal breathing takes to the bad cerebral oxygenation and, consequently, low school performance.

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Vukinos The buccal respirators, due to breathing disturbances, present difficulties in the knowledge acquisitions, mainly in the early years of the school formation.

Though, it is necessary pssicomotriz stimulate the areas of the brain, aiming to help the neurons develop new connections; to educate the children from the most tender age in an rich atmosphere, stimulating the spoken language, song, writing creating a structured climate with affectivity, diversifying positively the sensations, with the presence of color, music, social interactions, and games seeking to the development of their cognitive capacities and future memories, favoring like this their learning process15, The well-structured organism is the base for the learning, consequently, the organic deficiencies dq condition or to hinder that process.

Therefore, to learn does not mean to do an internal interpretation and representation of the reality or external information, but to do a personal interpretation and representation of such reality. The objective of the battery of tests is to evaluate the integrative sensorial functions as well as motive and perceptive functions and space abilities. Those breathing disturbances can be classified in restrictive, obstructive, mixed or non-specific.

Body and brain, mobility and psychism, therefore, become complete in multiple interactions along the ontogenesis, and one is not possible without the other, implicating then their co-stability. To verify the influence of the mechanical ventilation on the neuropsychomotor learning the scholar children of 8 until 10 years. The impact of the motor deficits is observed in the functional abilities A digital spirometer apparel was used, of the mark: The values are expressed as mean vior standard error of the mean.

Marion Diamond, american neuroanatomist, demonstrates that the animals that were in rich atmospheres presented larger growth of cerebral cells. Understands, then, the d as a process of individual construction through which is made a personal and only interpretation of such culture. HAMEG HM PDF Even not occurring statistical relevance, the children that present total lung capacity inside of the parameters spirometric of Knudson showed better means than the ones that come below the spirometric patterns of Knudson.

So piscomotriz is possibility to explore that adapts, the child needs a perfect neuropsychomotor function that will be possible once they are well physiologically.

However, psicomotiz the tests the children that breathes well obtained little better scores than the children that breathe bad, with exception in the right and left recognition. This is a cuasixperimental study in which the program applies Stimulation Motor Skills Poymocor formulated by the group at Universidad Libre, to a target population comprised of 16 children victims of physical abuse in the city of Barranquilla, which met with the inclusion criteria: Are evaluated areas, as: The illustration I demonstrate the mean values for tonicity.

In the balance parameter was evaluated: The Psychomotor Battery is composed by tests for evaluation of the tonicity, balance, lateralization, body notion, space-time structuring, global and noble praxia. The mechanical ventilation influence in the neuropsychomotor learning in scholars from 8 to 10 years old. Los estudiantes fueron divididos en dos grupos: The obtained data are compared with the table of age and ideal values, enclosed, in the apparel.

Concludes that the mechanics ventilation of children with batefia between 8 and 10 years does not influence the neuropsychomotor learning. The study was approved by the Research Centre of the Universidad Libre. Significant statistical alteration was not observed. Besides, the psychomotor development includes the functional development of the whole body and its parts and usually this development is divided in psychomotor factors, that are 7: Do not have significant difference in any one variable between tow groups.

Not occurring significant statistical difference between the groups as observed in the illustration 4. It is the interaction and the intelligible and informational relationship between both, that give to the movement the varied function of the intelligence.

Bateria psicomotora de Fonseca: Was selected fortuitously 60 scholars between 8 and 10 years. In tonus the average was; 3,33? In the learning, was used the Vitor da Fonseca psychomotor battery. Dividiu-se os escolares em dois grupos: To evaluate the global praxia, was researched the ocular-manual coordination, ocular-podal coordination, dysmetry, dissociation of the superior and inferior members, besides the agility. It separated the scholars in two groups, they breathe well and they breathe badly.

The tests that are part of a psychomotor battery are useful to detect, with a very small error margin, the growth pattern and of human motor behavior. Therefore, it is of concluding that children in atmospheres that provide rich experiences, present larger opportunities for us to understand their experiences, that are some of the most promising learning sources.

The students were randomly raffled in public schools of the Rio de Janeiro state. In that study, the means obtained in the balance tests for the two groups was of 3,13?

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