Like being strapped onto a rocket during takeoff—in the middle of a hurricane. It seemed like the whole world was watching, waiting to see if id Software could top Doom; every casual e-mail tidbit or conversation with a visitor ended up posted on the Internet within hours. Toward the end, when I spent most of my time speeding things up, I would spend the day in a trance writing optimized assembly code, stagger out of the Town East Tower into the blazing Texas heat, and somehow drive home on LBJ Freeway without smacking into any of the speeding pickups whizzing past me on both sides. Everything happened so fast, and under so much pressure, that sometimes I wonder how any of us made it through that without completely burning out. At the same time, of course, it was tremendously exciting.

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Reproduced with blessing of Michael Abrash, converted and maintained by James Gregory. How does this differ from the previously released versions? The book is now out of print, and hard to come by. The version which Michael and Dr. Dobbs released in was a collection of PDF files. That version is still available. However, the structure multiple files and the format PDF result in a poor user experience on an ebook reader or other mobile device.

This version has been thoroughly cleaned of artifacts and condensed into something which can easily be converted into an ebook-friendly format. You can clone the repository and generate your own version with pandoc if necessary. Contributing Changes are welcome, especially conversion-related ones. Pull requests are always welcome. Some larger changes could be made to improve the content. Formulas and equations could be typeset with MathJax. Generating your own ebook You need to have the following software installed and on your PATH before you begin: pandoc version 2.

To generate an e-reader friendly version of the book, you can use make with one of the following options: html - build an HTML5 single-page version of the book epub - build an EPUB3 ebook mobi - build a Kindle-friendly Mobi all - do all of the above Once complete, there will be an out directory with a black-book. Also, Mobi generation can be slow because of compression.


Graphics Programming Black Book

Game programmer[ edit ] Abrash first bought a microcomputer while doing postgraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His first commercial game was a clone of Space Invaders published by Datamost in as Space Strike. Those articles were collected in the book, Power Graphics Programming. His second book, Zen of Assembly Language Volume 1: Knowledge , focused on writing efficient assembly code for the bit processor, but was released after the CPU was already available.


Michael Abrash



Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, Special Edition


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