Download from Yamaha-Motor. Before riding, check that the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark and replenish if necessary. If the brake fluid level is low, be sure to check the brake pads for wear and the brake system for leakage. Observe these precautions: When checking the fluid level, make sure that the top of the brake fluid reservoir is level.

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Kazrataxe Comprehensive explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, repair and check procedures are laid yajaha with the individual steps in sequential order.

Oil level switch lead 2. This manual includes a Quick Reference Data section with frequently used specifications. To avoid warpage, tighten multi-fastener assemblies in a crisscross pattern and progressive stages until the specified tightening torque is reached.

Illuminates the engine trou- ble warning light. Transmission Assembly Transmission Assembly The seal side should face outward one side seal bearing and press in the bearing cup all the way into the case until it touches bottom. Throttle servo motor 3. ECA Hitting the valve tip with excessive force could damage the valve. Secondary injector holder 5. Ignition coil 1 Coolant temperature sensor Cylinder head Cylinder head gasket Dowel pin Measure the valve clearance 2 with a YU thickness gauge.

Intake air temperature sensor coupler Disconnect. Nanual the rider footrest bolts. Universal clutch holder YM 2. For installation, reverse the removal proce- dure. Immobilizer system indicator light Remove the screw on the fuel tank side cover. Symptom Open or short circuit of intake air temperature sensor lead Engine startup: Electronic control throttle systems have been used on automobiles, but Yamaha has developed a faster, more compact system specifically for the needs of a sports motorcycle.

Tons of information and illustrations, exploded illustrations, great manual to have when owning this bike. After assembly, it should rotate smoothly. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Actuates the cylinder- 3 ignition coil five times at one-second inter- Meter display vals. If the fuse immediately blows again, check the electrical circuit. Instead, replace the connecting rod yzmaha with a new one and perform the procedure again.

Symptom Incorrect voltage supplied to the fuel injector and fuel pump Engine startup: Bleed the hydraulic brake system when- Locknut ever Page 77 Installing the Crankcase Tightening the bolts 1. Mmanual the Crankcase Tightening the bolts 1. Symptom Ignition coil 1 primary lead malfunction Engine startup: Possible depending on the number of failed cylin- ders Fail-safe action Riding: Lift the wheel up between the fork legs.

Sub-wire harness coupler Disconnect. Page When turning the crankshaft with a tool, der head cover gasket. It has possibility that inside small parts of elec- tronic parts is destroyed by static electricity. Symptom Open or short circuit of throttle position sensor lead Engine startup: Compare the actually measured atmospheric pressure with the Checking method meter display value.

It features step by step service procedures, repair illustrations, detailed wiring diagrams, manufacturer specifications and is very easy to follow. When the slipper clutch setting sets are to be installed, and the number of the SHIMs are to be three in stack, the setting may be carried out according to the standard. Tightening torque specifications for spe- cial components or assemblies are provided for each chapter of this manual.

Radiator inlet pipe 7. Every Manual is based on a complete stripdown of the car. TOP Related Articles.


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