Yekathra gananaa roopo Veda Vedanga gochara, SArvagamarahasyartha smaranath papa nasii. But during the times of danger he should start to do her worship in detail. THadrusam gadgam aapnothi yena hastha sthithenavai, Ashta dasa maha dweepa samang bhoktha bhavishyathi. Luntane thaskara bhayesangramesalilaplave, SAmudhra yana vikshobhe, Bhootha prethathike bhaye 3. Apasmara jwara vyadhi mruthyu kshamadhi jebhye, Sakini, poothana, yaksha rakshakhooshmandaje bhaye4. And so this has been kept as very secret and would lead to devotion and salvation Ithi sree Vamakeswara thanthre Uma Maheswara samvadeDevi Gadkamala stotram sampoornam.

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Jut He then recites the same in the Shishyas ears and then explains the fifteen variations of the Mala. The correct reading is: I looked up the kosha and could not find a related reference. It is this mAlA that promises the following:. The very basic mistake is to even refer to it as Khadgamala Stotra. Hence, people who are following the khadgamAla of the sampradayas other than Dakshnimaurti, should not include garimA siddhi in khadgaala first AvaraNa.

By chanting this Mala Mantra in times which make detailed Navavarana Chakrarchana Saparya not possible, complete fruit of performing Navavarana is assured to the Sadhaka who simply chants this Mala Mantra. In the second circle, which is described as red in color, following an anti-clockwise pattern, the shaktis of the swaras i.

Every text published in Kannada reads: It is actually wonderful if one is able to chant all the fifteen Malas everyday. In the phalashruti there, Lord Bhairava states that every name invoked in the mAlA is like a protective sword, which protects the upAsaka and destroys his foes. It is this mAlA that promises the following: However, it is to be noted that this statement is only referring to ApatkAla charyA. The above said shloka of Saundaryalahari can be interpreted in two ways as related to Rashmi Sankalana.

The last thing would be to simply recite Shuddha Shakti Sambudyanta Mala, which is considered mandatory. The Jali Shuddha Mala addresses all the Rashmis and brings about the evolution that should have normally happened in a year.

As shuddha shakti mAlA is the most popular, and the siddhi associated with that is khaDga siddhi, people popularly refer to all the mAlAs as khaDgamAlA-s which is technically rather incorrect. By ignoring the words of the scriptures, of Lord Adinatha Shiva, one brings about his own self-destruction. You are being redirected As far as the pATha for khaDgamAlA is concerned, both these words are used, based on the pAtha followed in Sringeri, which also has the related uddhAra shloka.

Even the number of letters in each of these Malas is calculated differently based on different readings of the Malas, again due to Sampradaya Bhedas and also depending on whether the Mala is khadgsmala for Kamya or Nishkama purpose. The Total number of Rashmis in the bodily Chakras arewhich correspond to the days of the physical year.

The popular shloka which describes the Srichakra is as follows: This matter was discussed here only to throw pointers at the high-end use of Khadgamala and not to encourage people to undertake these Upasana Kramas without the guidance of a Guru. Some upasakas use 18 malas but the three malas are guptha and I do not know about them.

The corrupted readings of the phalashruti are abundant. Kriya Yogis know how to rapidly achieve the evolution of one complete year of healthy living in one day.

Only a Maha Shambhava Dikshita has access to this Mandala of Siddhas invoked during this worship, considered very secretive.

The Mala is of five types: The use of these three malas is for siddhi of the three kutas at some level is all I know from an old conversation with my Guru. You may please refer to the archive for a related discussion on the use of garimA siddhi in the mAlA by some misguided folks who neither understand the structure kgadgamala shrIchakra nor the placement of deities therein.

Though the practice exists, the intention behind this practice is not generally known to most. TOP 10 Related.


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Devi Khadgamala Stotram – śrī dēvī khaḍgamālā stōtraṁ





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