Jul 25, Jimm Wetherbee rated it really liked it In his later years Issac Asimov worked to merge his two great science fiction series, the Foundation and the Robot series. The problem he faced was that the events of the Foundation Series had to come after the Robot series, but robots were utterly unknown to the Foundation or the empire it replaced. That Asimov pulled this off was no mean feat, but not an incredible one for someone who figured out how Plutonium could exist. In the process Asimov created an entirely new world with hundreds In his later years Issac Asimov worked to merge his two great science fiction series, the Foundation and the Robot series. When my dear wife found Caliban at a used bookstore, I was prepared for disappointment. To my surprise, Allen got it mostly right.

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Jan 03, Aidan H rated it liked it Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen is a science fiction novel that is written in 3rd person omniscient.

Though he can do whatever he wants he is always rational, and never quick to commit violence. Prospero is always vain and thinks little of others abilities unless it helps him and the new laws as a whole. His idea, Dropping a comet on inferno. He is important to the story because he introduces the problem and helps solve it. He is nervous and sometimes self centered. The main conflict in Utopia is how to find a way to safely getting the comet and evacuate everyone in the radius of the impact in time, so the comet will be in range and not drift out into space lost forever.

The comet would help because the impact could melt the polar ice caps making a polar sea and turning the harsh desert landscape into a lush tropical planet, but if it fails the comet could kill thousands. Kaelor confronted with the paradox burns out and dies, so they have to find who stole the information and get it back.

They have their problem solved by the ironheads a group of spacers who want their robots back from the government , they were taken to do work on the terraforming project, who gave governor of inferno ,Alvar Kresh, the copied info on the comet. With it in hand Kresh goes to the twins a computer and a robot manned and built by spacers and settlers.

He inputs the info and gets ready for the comet impact. Two they used lots of imagery to give us a full view of inferno and it people. Three foreshadowing when the ironhead spy gave Kresh the info cube with the comets info on it because before we hear the spy talking about helping the planet while furthering the ironhead cause. The theme of the book would probably be not everything is as it seems to be. She had long known he was one of her less stable creations.

But he was the undisputed leader of the New Law robots. She had no real choice but to deal with him. He opened his mouth to protest, and, then thought better of it. He could play this with his pride, his ego, and lose everything. Or he could play it with his common sense and win it all. And then, later, once he had won, won it all, he would be in a position to indulge his pride. Leving, turned and headed toward the door.

The character i feel like i most associate with is Kresh who is only trying to live up to the last governor , he was a good man but murdered in his bed, only trying to protect the people and do his job and be the best that he can be.


Isaac Asimov's Caliban

The book is set at a point in history where humanity is spread among many planets and divided into two main cultures. There are the Settlers, who reject robotics as an affront to human potential, and the Spacers whose lives are saturated by robotics. They are thus incapable of rebellion or disobedience, and are even unable to think anything which is contrary to the instructions of humans. Their total servitude and extreme intelligence have had severely damaging effects on the mental and physical health of the human population. Robots have taken over many basic tasks such as driving cars and even dressing humans.


Roger MacBride Allen



Boeken van Roger MacBride Allen


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